Since you chose to name me and call me out I will respond. My wife puts up with this because she cares about the Town and want’s to see things improve. She is retired and was not looking for a job, rather she stepped up and volunteered to take on the duties and handle the finances to keep the Town operational with the departure of Pam, the one who really humped the Town. This Council is working to fix issues, such as having an accountant to do a forensic audit of the Town’s finances to see what the previous Council members,Tebo, and Pam did with Town finances. Why do you think Pam ran for the hills? The Council is changing Walter is not running again, Rivers was not on the Council when this mess started, so that leaves Brown, and you know she isn’t going anywhere. One minute you call her, “Mindless Splain it to me”, and then on the blog defend her from a citizen complaint. That leaves Tom and Helen. Well being the gang of 3 threw Helen off, and Tom was not on the Council when any of this was done, just who is so corrupt and needs to be replaced. I don’t know what ‘transparency” you seek? To my understanding you get all documents you ask for that are public record. Perhaps sometimes not as expediently as you would like, but since the departure of Tebo and Pam I believe your request are fulfilled. You often have some valid points to make but when you argue jurist prudence from the audience with an attorney, being you went to the Joe the Trucker School of Law, it makes you look like a fool. While it is true you have been the anti Town citizen activist for 20+ years how many Council’s have you seen come and go, and of the legal actions, ethics complaints, etc. have you have filed how many have been successful, ZERO. Perhaps if you would stop being so adversarial with everyone about everything, and stop looking for the black helicopters, people would give your assertions more credence. What happened tonight at the Town Council meeting was an orchestrated personal attack on someone I care deeply for and I will not soon forget it, but my wife is a bigger person that I am. Like the gentleman stated at the start of the meeting the old is gone the new is here so can’t we start being happy, having fun, and enjoy living here and everyone stop the petty vendettas, conspiracy theories and just general meanness towards one another in this Town. P.S. breakfast is on me for you and your wife at the WSFD pancake breakfast on the 21st.

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