Mayor Spencer Lofton be afraid; be very afraid of what Rhett is doing to you

Everyone is theorizing why Rhett Bullard would drop out as being mayor.  After all he may have had great aspirations as being a judge and the Bullard family did wish control of the county if not Florida.

I am not certain Spencer Lofton will keep his word to anyone but the interesting thing is that he was the weakest of the weakest form of mayor to hold the position and that may be Rhett’s plan.  Now Bullard  can have Lofton blamed for retaining the ills Rhett Bullard started so that Bullard can try to slither out of the Commission on Ethics complaints.

If Lofton does not fire Elkind at once for not having a contract with the Town and have our Town Attorney Hatton handle the Miller case, Mr. Lofton  too will be blamed for Darren Elkind remaining as an attorney without a contract.  This means Mayor Lofton is spending taxpayers’ dollars for an attorney who is not necessary and he will be in the same position with the Ethics commission.   Mr. McKenzie would have been smarter and protected himself but Rhett Bullard chose Spencer Lofton because unfortunately Mayor Lofton is ignorant of what has transpired in Bullard’s tenure.

Rhett also used the excuse that he had to keep Stacy Tebo on for two reasons  (1) She could sue us like she could sue DeBary   (2) White Springs has a difficult time in securing managers.  Most Managers leave before their year is up.   So Mayor Lofton now has the duty to determine if our so-called CEO has some major drug problems and if she actually serves the town as is required by contract and the charter.  And if he does not investigate with the rest of the council, he will be also blamed.  The Town Manager under 3.02 (j) states she is to provide staff support services for the Mayor and Council Members and everyone seems to forget that she is to answer to the councilors.  Mayor Lofton better consider his options and he may need an attorney in the end because of what Rhett Bullard has done by making him mayor and stepping down.  Mayor Lofton should have had a clue when even the Jasper News has not written favorable articles about what Rhett has done.

Also Rhett Bullard has not followed the sunshine laws nor Robert’s Rules of Order nor the constitutions of the U.S. and Florida, so Mayor Lofton better quit promising and start studying the law because he is now responsible.  Plus Mr. Lofton shall have to take the Ethics course and make certain his Vice Mayor Tonja Brown  also takes the course because I believe she and Willie Jefferson did not take in in Rhett’s tenure.

Then there is the Andrew Greene situation and the Fire SUV he drives for personal use.  If Mayor Lofton allows things to be as they are and favors Greene again, he is subject to an ethics complaint and of course Rhett Bullard will nicely state that he wasn’t the only one who favored Greene but also Stacy Tebo and the new Mayor Lofton.

Rhett Bullard as the former mayor was still solely responsible for not securing council approval on the Anita Rivers Case which cost us $25,950 and for which he lied and blamed Koberlein for the infraction. As one can see with Rhett Bullard, it is everyone else’s fault. And this whitewashing was for the benefit of Stacy Tebo who Mr. Lofton now also supports and that is what Rhett Bullard will state.

Insofar as Rhett not paying for his water-sewer deposit, the entire staff explains it as the deposit was transferred from the United Methodist Church even though the ordinance does not allow such a transfer.  If Rhett owned a previous home and moved to a new home, the Deposit would have moved with him; but not from another entity or person.   But let’s face it $300 is a lot less to pay than reimbursing the Town for Elkind’s fees and possibly the fees for the River’s case.

Mr. Lofton you had better be afraid; very afraid of what has just happened because very likely your decisions may promulgate ethics violations against you as well and you will be responsible for Stacy Tebo who has ruined this Town with Rhett Bullard financially.    You should have voted for Walter McKenzie because he would have cleaned up this mess and for you, unfortunately, you have no idea and being an administrator in the service does not qualify you for what is happening in White Springs.  Here you almost need a law degree to survive.


Karin for the blog   (Initially written April 2018)

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