Loyal Reader in 2012 provides information on Why Spencer Lofton was fired from Hamilton High School

In our White Springs Journal May 31, 2012   3:13 PM as information provided by a loyal reader.

IS SPENCER LOFTON REALLY LEAVING TOWN???   (As provided by a Loyal Reader)

Rumor has it that there is a moving van in front of Spencer Lofton’s house today. Rumor further has it that he got caught molesting children, albeit girls in Lake City. No way to confirm these rumors today.

Lofton was chairman of our HOPE and after school programs. A position he got with no screening and no job search. I wonder how many little girls in White Springs he has molested.

Lofton was terminated from being the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Officer at Hamilton High School because, according to a school official, he “couldn’t keep it in his pants.”



Joe’s Comment:
This author warned the town about Lofton’s proclivity for young girls in a “conversation” with the Camel Club News about 6 months ago. The Camel Club told me, in not a friendly manner, that I was wrong about Lofton. Looks like the CCN is wrong again and I am right again.

I hope it was NOT a little girl from White Springs. The lawsuit will cripple the town. All Right. More later when all of the facts are in.


August 2012 –

That when ever I asked for a series of papers from Town Hall I get a shorted bunch.
Cases in point in the last two days.

  1. I asked for Spencer Lofton’s personnel file. What I got was everything but his termination letter or his resignation letter, both vital to the personnel file.

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