LOFT – Periodic Maintenance included Routine Maintenance is not Equipment and Vehicles not used in Road Periodic Maintenance are NOT included

Authorized Uses:

As previously mentioned, the taxes credited to each county are first distributed to meet the debt service requirements, if any, of the Article IX, Section 16, State Constitution of 1885, debt assumed or refunded by the SBA payable from the tax. The remaining monies, or surplus fuel tax funds, are used for the acquisition,construction, and maintenance of roads. The term maintenance means periodic and routine maintenance, as defined in s. 334.03, F.S., and may include the construction and installation of traffic signals, sidewalks,
bicycle paths, and landscaping. The funds may be used as matching funds for any federal, state, or private grant specifically related to these purposes.10

Periodic maintenance is defined as those activities that are large in scope and require a major work effort to restore deteriorated components of the transportation system to a safe and serviceable condition. Such efforts may include, but not be limited to, the repair of large bridge structures, major repairs to bridges and bridge systems, and the mineral sealing of lengthy sections of roadway.11

Routine maintenance is defined as minor repairs and associated tasks necessary to maintain a safe and efficient transportation system and includes
pavement patching; shoulder repair; cleaning and repair of drainage ditches, traffic signs, and structures; mowing; bridge inspection and maintenance; pavement striping; litter cleanup; and other similar activities .Expenditures for purposes of this paragraph shall not include routine maintenance of roads.

3. County and municipal governments shall use moneys received pursuant to this paragraph for transportation expenditures needed to meet the requirements of the capital improvements element of an adopted comprehensive plan or for expenditures needed to meet immediate local transportation problems and for other transportation-related expenditures that are critical for building comprehensive roadway networks by local governments. For purposes of this paragraph, expenditures for the construction of new roads, the reconstruction or resurfacing of existing paved roads, or the paving of existing graded roads shall be deemed to increase capacity and such projects shall be included in the capital improvements element of an adopted comprehensive plan. Expenditures for purposes of this paragraph shall not include routine maintenance of roads.

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