Joe Griffin’s Assessment of Lofty’s Profile

Upon reading Spencer Craig Lofton’s application and other assorted paperwork for working at Hamilton County High several things are obvious to me, a Navy and Army Veteran drawing retirement pay. In no paperwork does it mention that he has an Honorable Discharge. Until I see the actual piece of paper I won’t believe he did get an honorable Discharge. I believe he was drummed out of the Air Force for being an E-5 for over 14-17 years. I don’t believe he retired from the military or else he would have said so in his resume. No retirement; no retired pay. The military is an “UP OR OUT” type organization. Don’t get promoted and you are let go. This view is supported not only by the internet but also by the local Air Force recruiter. From reading his inflated resume he had no “technical jobs” save his claim that he was a C-130 Crew Chief which is a joke if you know anything about the service. The Air Force doesn’t make an E-4/5 the crew chief of a 5 million dollar piece of equipment. And in the middle of that period of time he got qualified as an “aircraft deicing specialist” a grunt job if ever I saw one. He never served overseas which is a real tail tell. Everybody except missile silo trained personnel always, and I mean always had a tour of duty overseas. I had four.  By his own statement he was in-charge of building clean up later in his period of service. That is not a job for old time E-5’s, or perhaps it is. It might have been the only job his education and experience would let him have.  A Black man as a Janitor; he talks like he is proud of it. What about it “Sarge”? Why don’t you tell us the truth? His resume is a fraud and a joke.


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