Jasper police officers responded to a White Springs 911 – No White Springs Officers ever to be seen. What else is new?

I have heard more than one resident of White Springs complain about our police Department, which I am beginning to believe is similar to our fake fire department with Steve Stith.  

What is sad is that since Chief Tracy has taken over, no one is patrolling the streets; but more importantly calls are not being answered whether theft or domestic violence and as a result the Sheriff’s Department seems to respond I would believe about 75% of the Time.  The only thing our officers are good for is to remove people that Mayor (assistant) staff sergeant and Chief Tracy state should not be allowed to speak or provide information.

Last night some young lady was screaming in agony and it sounded as if someone was slamming her into walls.  It was deafening, so much so, that I felt the screams were coming from across the street, yet it was a distance near the church.  When Joe contacted 911 and received dispatch, we were told someone should be by within a few minutes.  We waited still hearing the female in agony and fear.  Then there was a deafening silence, and a pickup truck left the premises and hurriedly went down Mill Street .  In the meantime, one could hear the sirens racing down Highway 41.  It was not White Springs, it was not the Sheriff’s office but Rather Two police SUV’s from Jasper, who apologized for the delay but explained where they were from because the Sheriff’s deputies were involved in another situation.  By this time our neighbors were outside as well and explained where the screams came from because it happened before, but this time it was really loud even to them and they did not have a phone, but felt someone would contact the police.

Although the house was dark the police apparently spoke to the Woman and shortly thereafter they were searching a house on Mill Street, which at the time was unoccupied.   I believe this was another friend or possibly a supplier for Rhett Bullard which would make two abusers of women who associate with him.  In any event it is sad that Men if you can call them that, feel they have the right to take out their frustrations and use women as punching bags.

In any event since the White Springs Police were probably working at the Farmers Market for some extra money or at home asleep, because God forbid, they have to work the Azalea Festival with the reservists even though you never see a police car on the Streets in White Springs so it could not be an overtime issue.’

We are so grateful for the Jasper Police who really made it fast to White Springs, all considering.  These two officers were amazing and professional, not like what we seem to have with Chief alfa but permissive, who I wonder if she ever really had police training and if she did, she must have forgotten everything.

Thank you officers.  We know Jasper does not have to service White Springs but we are so pleased you took the call and I hope the Lady is fine but you definitely were professionals.


Karin for the blog 

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