If you can’t kill off your enemy, Extortion is the key sayth Attorneys Rhett Bullard and Karen Hatton

What the Town of White Springs has done to us is pure Extortion and frankly the Two Attorneys John Rhett Joiner Bullard and Karen D. Hatton will have their actions reported to the Florida bar.  Of course,  we have the e-mails to the collection agencies; the first of which stated they could not collect because the Statute of Limitations had run.  So Karen Hatton, in her vengeance, told Pam Tomlinson to find a collection agency, the one in Delaware, who would try to collect based on some form of settlement.  They would continually call and cause a person to pay something just to get them off their backs. 


But this is the deal, We paid for all of these suits once and initially it was because Attorney Koberlein refused to contact Sterling King, a Collection Agency when all of Joe’s property was removed after he returned from the Hospital after 11.5 months in Nashville fighting for his life, Joe couldn’t walk and Townsend and Koberlein wished to take his wheel chair. Sheriff Ken Blanton assisted Joe, requiring the wheel chair remain and took Joe to the bank so Joe could pay for the attorney fees and expenses. Then Sterling King advised us in 2012 that the settlement documents were not valid, because the Town had not reported the settlements were paid for.  Again, because we were in the process of refinancing, our Bank forced us to pay Sterling King Again.  Thereafter, it was determined that the Satisfactions of Judgment were valid in 2012, and that the Town owed Sterling King $4,800.  However, Sterling King held our money until Bob Farley paid the $4,800 to Sterling King by credit card.


But it never ended.  Joe had sued Joe McKire instead of the Town by reason that McKire did not follow the law relating to Florida Statutes but with Joe handling everything pro se, unfortunately Koberlein brought in three bankers boxes stating to the Judge that he had to put in all this work.  Joe made a check for $13,000 payable to Joe McKire on October 4, 2011 at which time he filed with the Town and the Clerk of Court a request for the interest due.  Not hearing from Koberlein who refused to talk to Joe Griffin, he paid the balance of $1,083.21 on January 7, 2012.  Still,  Koberlein would not provide the Satisfaction of Judgment, nor the interest which was due, so the Town could retain the lien, in the event of Joe’s Death. 

So Why do I blame the Town for Joe’s disablement. After the Town, specifically Townsend said Joe was jailed, and Joe was fired from a good trucking firm with benefits..  And a Tanker Job was the only means of support.. He fell off the Tanker after pressure from the tanker caused him to fall.  He was given last rights, had much internal damage and a shattered hip.  He was told he would not walk again but he can now walk a block but cannot go up and down stairs easily.  I still blame the Town for what happened to Joe forcing him to leave a company he had worked for for ten years and ending up injured.  Yet the Town, the Camel Club, thanks to Shirley Heath, Pam Tomlinson, and others continually professing lies about Joe as being the bad guy in White Springs, in spite of his fight for the rights of everyone.


After Bob Farley paid the Collection Agency and we solicited an attorney for $2,000 to handle this matter, not knowing the attorney was a friend of Koberlein.   Koberlein would not complete the paper work so our attorney did, only requiring Koberlein’s signature.  The interest amounted was only $401.96 because Koberlien or the Town would not provide the interest to close the case.   We paid the town the $401.96 (McKire gave both checks aforementioned to the Town) and we were provided a “Satisfaction of Order awarding Attorney Fees and Expenses on February 19, 2013, prepared by Pam Tomlinson.  I believe it was the Town’s intent to extort Joe Griffin’s property in the event of his death.  I however moved to White Springs in Mid 2011 and was here for the entire extortion attempt by Koberlein, the Town, Shirley Heath, Robert Townsend and most likely in 2017 by John Rhett Joiner Bullard, who continually pretends he knows nothing but his and Hatton’s vengence against Joe and me as well, caused another attempt at extortion..


This action in 2017, which Attorneys Hatton and Bullard planned was another attempt to extort money From Joe Griffin.  In going back through records I have retained, Bullard and Hatton planned to extort money from Joe Griffin after Councilwoman Miller had requested that the council review all of the numerous complaints Joe had made.   If some of you were at Councilwoman’s Quasi Judicial Hearing, you would have likewise seen Rhett Bullard pretending to be some kind of litigator.  His anger which he took out on Joe and the nastiness of his handling of the complaints was not only an embarrassment to Bullard because he, like in the Councilwoman’s hearing, became the Litigator, the Judge and the Jury and the Councilors, other than Miller of course, would respond to Rhett Bullard’s illicit actions and vote with him, including Walter McKenzie who likewise has great hate for Joe Griffin.

Let’s get into the definition of Extortion.   Extortion is the crime of obtaining money or property by threat to a victim’s property or loved ones, intimidation or false claim of a right.


Most states define extortion as the gaining of property or money by almost any kind of force or threat of violence, property damage, harm to reputation, or unfavorable government action. While usually viewed as a form of theft/larceny, extortion differs from robbery in that the threat in question does not pose an imminent physical danger to the victim   So the extortion to Joe Griffin was retaining liens on his property when settlements had been made and extorting him for more money even though such money had been collected twice before.   As to Councilwoman Miller, the extortion was threats to harm her reputation by utilizing an unfavorable government action where then Mayor Rhett Bullard, Vice Mayor Tonja Brown and  Councilor Willie Jefferson decided to give Councilor Helen Miller four counts of Malfeasance when the aforementioned councilors were corrupt and dirty and didn’t even understand what “Malfeasance” meant.  


Unfortunately for Councilwoman Miller, Judge Decker in the District Court was a friend of Rhett Bullard’s and would rule in the same manner as the three Councilors.  Although one of the three Appallet Judges believed Councilwoman Miller’s reputation was important, the other two judges took Judge Deckers Side so it was a win for the corrupt Rhett Bullard and his gang.  That is how Rhett Bullard and Karen Hatton get their revenge against honest law-abiding citizens..

Virtually all extortion statutes require that a threat must be made to the person or property of the victim. Threats to harm the victim’s friends or relatives may also be included. It is not necessary for a threat to involve physical injury. It may be sufficient to threaten to accuse another person of a crime or to expose a secret that would result in public embarrassment or ridicule. The threat does not have to relate to an unlawful actThus because Rhett Bullard has been embarrassed by being told he does not follow the law and saying such a statement as “You want us to admit we are not following the law” has elected extortion as a means to threaten other persons of a crime causing public embarrassment or ridicule.  And in Joe’s case, they, the Town and Townsend and Shirley Heath desired to own Joe’s Property hoping he would die from the result of his injuries.

Extortion can take place over the telephone, via mail, text, email or other computer or wireless communication. If any method of interstate commerce is used in the extortion, it can be a federal

Other types of threats sufficient to constitute extortion include those to harm the victim’s business and those to either testify against the victim or withhold testimony necessary to his or her defense or claim in an administrative proceeding or a lawsuit. Many statutes also provide that any threat to harm another person in his or her career or reputation is extortion.

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