I-75 Beware Officer Berry is looking for one of three things – Thanks to our contributor!

If you’re on I-75 and see this car beware the driver is up to no good.  He’s probably looking for 1 of 3 things in no particular order .Drugs, Money and pretty women.  Why would this car be on I-75 and not patrolling the city (Jennings) and protecting life and property. Well that’s no fun and the locals might complain unless you just stop migrant workers that don’t speak English and are scared they might get deported.

if you are a local and happen to get up by Herman Munster than you should try and find the nearest exit and pull over at a lighted gas station and also don’t be afraid  to call 911 to let them know your being pulled over by a unknown police car. because it’s a good possibility they don’t know about because it wasn’t called in and it would be news to them. also if they don’t know about then ask for another officer from the county or state.  since something shady is about to go down.

There’s more fish in the sea on I-75 and a lot more out of towners who won’t complain if they get illegally stopped by some dirt bag cop looking for something shady.

the driver of this car may look kinda like this

This looks like Officer Berry ha ha

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