How Stacy operates per her August 15, 2017 deposition

In accordance with Stacy Tebo’s August 15, 2017 deposition, she has made no efforts in selling her property in Orange City and that she still rents a room in Lake City but has not changed her address.


You will recall the Council voted on an amendment to her contract but the amendment never manifested but there are several other items which Ms. Tebo did not fulfill in her contract with White Springs so if Karen Hatton does her job, Ms. Tebo will not receive her 13 weeks of severance if she is finally terminated for wrongdoing.  In other words, the contract has been breached for the third year.

Stacy received her Master’s in Public Administration in 1996 and had been employed with Winn-Dixie for a period of seven years in various positions including cashier and pharmacy technician.  Then she worked in Sanford in October of 1996. Then she was employed by Volusia County from October 2004 until April 200t when she took the City Clerk position for DeBary.

Although Stacy admitted she reports to the City Council she stated “there are five council members each has one fifth of the vote.  There is a mayor and a vice mayor, but they have no more power than the other council members’  Stacy stated that the Chief of Police in White Springs made a background check on her.

Stacy stated she was in charge of public records until March 19, 2015, when Mr. Parrott assigned that duty to the outside computer consultant, Eric Frankton.

She faxed her EEOC complaint to Miami on March 16, 2015 and wrote on the top, personally hand delivered to Mr. Parrot. On April 23, 2015 Stacy Tebo signed a charge of discrimination  form and sent it to the EEOC.. She stated this was done because of a phone call from Miami where she spoke to the person for 20-30 minutes, after which the form was required.

A notice was sent dated April 8th from the EEOC to the City of Debary addressed to Dan Parrott noting that a charge had been filed by Tebo and that no action was needed at that time.  It was date stamped at DeBary April 13th.  However Mr. Bowling questioned Tebo because his understanding is that when EEOC receives a charge, they send the employer notification but they do not necessarily send the charge.  She contended the EEOC sent her a draft charge of discrimination for her signature.

Stacy Tebo’s Attorney Ms. Chapman stated the EEOC does not usually do this in this way and would deny it being a charge and send a charge when they assigned a number.  They however accepted that as a charge and gave it a charge number.  Ms. Chapman stated “The charge has been filed, no need to take any action, and they attached that letter.”

Stacy Tebo was notified On April 17, 2015 of her termination which was to be effective May 17, 2015.

Stacy in her affidavit stated regarding her City Manager “he tried to make her feel threatened by stating that Council Member, Dwyer thought he didn’t need an assistant city manager or a parks and recreation director” This was with respect to Ms. Blissett who felt that her job was being threatened.   When the attorney asked whether Ms. Blissett thought her job was being threatened by the statement by Mr. Parrott, Stacy said “she didn’t say that, she said he was just constantly making these statements, trying to make – belittle her or make her feel as if she wasn’t doing a good job.”  She believed “threatened” was Blissett’s language.

You probably have noted that these statements of  discrimination up to this point are not addressed toward Stacy Tebo but rather Stacy Tebo’s involvement in other’s business.  She complained about John stating RIP (Rank has its privileges” to employees, and about John and the “booby shirt” and John signing up for and using his city e-mail address. She said knew about the from the e-mails that came into the city.   The attorney then ask “Why would you know, what’s the —what the contents of John Fletcher’s e-mails were”.   Stacy said when she went into the archiving system it lists every e-mail.  As always she has an excuse for everything but obviously she read these e-mails which were none of her business.   She does the same to control everyone in White Springs.  She made so many excuses relating to how everything works and how she tried sending e-mails and they did not go through so at one point Eric Frankton had to suggest to her as to how to send public record request responses in smaller batches.  I am not certain she is for real!

Stacy was also angry that she would tell Mr. Parrott about these violations and that he did nothing about them.  In fact after telling her City Manager about the use of, she said she kept checking on that and he never stopped.  Apparently if you wish someone fired, and your Manager  does not fire that person, you will file discrimination.   That is why Stacy is so gung ho in White Springs.  She has the power of three behind her and she can fire anyone she wants and they will protect her and lie for her even if there is not a reason.

We also learned that most of the personnel in DeBary took a Public Records Training Class but there was no sign in sheet.  She said that her Town Manager sent her an e-mail the evening of 3/19/2015 accusing her of accessing the council’s e-mails and his e-mails inappropriately. The City manager then stated from that point forward, Eric Frankton would be serving as the RMLO and would respond to public records requests.

Stacy admitted she kept e-mails regarding Dan Parrott and printing them out for her own personal use.  These e-mails in her opinion reflected badly or poorly on Dan Parrott but there weren’t that many because he hated to e-mail.

When Stacy was asked what the basis of Ms. Blissett’s complaint prior to her being terminated, Stacy said “Well general discrimination meaning gender, and  — but previously it was just verbal kinds of things that really couldn’t be proven, and she noted how that he had done the manipulation of the salary study, that was documented and he had been talking about wanting to retire again for probably a couple of years because as you know he loves to go fishing and wanted to do that rather than being a city manager.  They were irritated by the whole thing, really, and it just increased over time as his general displeasure with having to deal with the issues that arise being a city manager with personnel problems and honestly I THOUGHT HE WOULD JUST QUIT IF HE SAW AN EEOC COMPLAINT, BUT I WAS SUPER WRONG, AND IF HE WOULD HAVE QUIT, THEN THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE END OF IT”, explained Stacy.


Stacy Tebo gave examples wherein she stated that there was gender discrimination because Dan Parrott preferred to work with males.  When their financial administrator retired, Mr. Parrot said “I’m not going to hire a woman because we got too much estrogen upstairs”. But in the end he hired a female. Then there was a code enforcement officer who made some serious mistakes and he was never reprimanded.  She even brought out the favoritism of the Manager who used who was not reprimanded.  But apparently Mr. Parrot publicly reprimanded Stacy Tebo in 2013 by copying five people. Stacy Tebo complained about an older worker who had a lack of clarity and was in charge of background checks. She stated “oh, my gosh, why do I have to keep doing this”.  Then a few days later he responded back to Stacy saying “No, you’re the problem.”

Another incident was where Mr. Parrot instructed Stacy Tebo to not talk to Kendra Kabbas who left in January of 2014.  Ms. Kabbas left the exit interview form on Stacy’s chair and gave it to Mr. Parrot.  He said it wasn’t specific that she did not mention John’s name.  She said supervisor, and then put an S on the end of it like the plural, so he thought it was unclear.

A few weeks later Ms. Kabbas required a form for department of children and families so Stacy said, “Yeah, I’ll fill it out and she came to her office after 5:00 PM”. That is when she asked what had been done and she asked for the form back and wrote the comment about the booby shirt. When the Attorney said “Just so I’m clear again, this was—-you spoke with Ms. Kabbas on this date after you had been told by Mr. Parrott not to talk to her?”   Stacy said “He told me not to contact her, which I didn’t.  I did not seek her out.  She called and asked me to fill out a form as the HR person, which I did”. Stacy did not wish to let sleeping dogs lie with regard to Ms. Kabbas’s complaint and that the form she needed could have been e-mailed to stac

Similar to the admission she made at Helen Miller’s hearing, she admitted she didn’t like John Fletcher.  However, in John’s case, Stacy said “I wouldn’t ever say I would be happy that somebody lost their job because he had four kids at the time, but I didn’t think he did a good job..

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