Hamilton County Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and bits and pieces`

Shauna Adams-Farries of the Hamilton County Alcohol and Other Drug Concerns addressed the Council and Public at the March 12th Town Council Meeting.

Shauna promoted the April 3rd Symposium which will be held at 9:00 AM at the Hamilton County Courthouse Annex, 1153 Northwest U S Highway 41, Jasper Florida.   The Topic concerns Human Trafficking in our Backyard in Hamilton County.  The Symposium will run from 900 am to 1200 pm and will include breakfast and lunch

Hamilton County Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention has requested two ordinances from the Town of White Springs.  One of the ordinances is to limit the signage to a singular area, like a Window.  The Tobacco Companies spend 969 Million on Marketing and it is found that 85% of Youth, purchase the most advertised brand of tobacco whereas Adults only represent 1/3 of smokers who purchase the most advertised brands.

A discussion which has been a complaint of Councilman McKenzie related to the Liquor Store in White Springs which has multiple signs advertising various brands of Tobacco.  Although it was stated by a member of the audience that proprietors usually receive money to put up advertising signs.  It was stated the Liquor Store proprietors are very nice people and I know initially the owner had to pay some $40,000 over what was estimated for the building and lot to comply with Councilman McKenzie’s changes to fit the White Springs atmosphere.  McKenzie stipulates he does not purchase liquor at the White Springs Store and it is sad, because we know that McKenzie definitely drinks wine.   He complained that when going to the post office, all one can see are signs.   I guess I have not paid much attention to the signs because they look festive, but I can understand that children perhaps would feel it is alright to smoke.  But there is a problem, Savon Liquor Store was built prior to such an ordinance to be put in place and as a result, they cannot be grandfathered in unless they so agree to do so on their own.


We also have drug dealers selling at night and if you are at the S and S Store, you not only see smoking by adults and others but a lot of beer being purchased.  That is a sight without signage.  So signs would have to be removed from every S and S Store as well as Munchies and since the ordinance is post the stores serving our area, everyone will have to be asked.  Thus, the Town will work on an ordinance limiting the number of signs or a specific sign.  Also there should be a specific `ordinance relating to buy one get one free type advertising.  Apparently Councilman McKenzie came up with these suggestions.


In my opinion, the fact that the Council believes we are some kind of Homeowners Association, is the reason more business does not come to White Springs.  I understand the concerns of youth and tobacco and liquor, but mainly youth are buying  e-cigarettes and President Trump is working with Congress and the Senate to make the age limit higher.

I do believe the older styled homes and the foliage is pretty, but this definitely is not Eureka California and even the businesses have signs.   We have not really added any businesses except a shack that was a car wash and the ugly ice machine which is scary since it has White Springs Water.   And if the White Springs Council is known to run businesses prospects out of Town if they do not like what is being offered.  They say they wish economic development but never has Walter McKenzie or some of the older cronies ever wanted someone to start a business here.  After all, it seems like our councilors think the aesthetics of any newcomer will not match the so called aesthetics of the Town.  But look around the main street of White Springs.  It’s not that pretty people and even the bicycle club ventures on off streets.


We have so many vacant and dilapidated buildings around even the back streets and will never get improvements because White Springs is known to have a council that does not wish change.  Pretty Trees and Flowers won’t bring in business; It takes a progressive council with opportunities and frankly this Council doesn’t even have fire protection for the Town and higher sewer rates with  higher costs coming in for our portion of the sewer infrastructure.  But what about our Water Pipes, some of which we were told carried asbestos in the older part of town and last week the water stopped at 25A in the night, to be followed by mud and silt and brown water.  Was this because our Public Works now known as Roads/Streets can’t fix a water pipe at the Baptist Church and who dug a hole with the new excavator, but couldn’t repair anything so they buried it again.   No one would wish to move into a situation like we have.

If we didn’t live here, there would be nothing which would draw me to White Springs because other than Fat Belly’s,  Stephen Foster State Park and some of the nice people we’ve met, White Springs has nothing to offer tourists,

And to the Lady who continually tells us how bad White People are and that most people hate Joe Griffin and I, I have this to offer.  The Town Officials have continually condemned Joe because he wishes the Law followed, as do I.  As far as those who are African American, who you say dislike us.  I guess that is their prerogative.  But the funny thing about that is that Joe and I pretty much stick to ourselves and frankly we do not know that many people in White Springs….so how can these people have any idea of who we are if we have not even had anything to do with them. Where does the hate come from?  Obviously, Lady, you may be part of the problem spreading lies about people who actually do not judge people by the color of their skin like you do.  Sad for you.



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