Don’t tell me Jones is working so hard; if he is it certainly has nothing to do with his job


First of all, it becomes tiring to me that people who read the blog continually say how terrible Joe is for complaining about Tommie Jones and his inability to comply as a Town Manager which technically is an employee and not a consultant.  They feel they know Joe and after all, if Joe picks on someone, it has to be that he desires a Manager’s job.   So I guess many must believe Tommie Jones’ lies.


First of all, Joe had a serious accident where he was eleven and one-half months in a hospital mending.  They did not believe he would live, and I am certain the Townspeople like the complainers were hoping he would not.   Because of it, Joe has lost some dexterity as well as an inability to walk for more than a block (He had a shattered hip similar to that of Representative Steve Scalese. He was never expected to walk. This places a damper on him being a manager because it would mean having to use a wheel chair. And why am I telling you this?  It is because Joe only wished to have the job long enough to help Helen Miller out initially; and believing Tommie Jones was great when we met him, where he stated he could be certified quite fast as the sewer water guy, after Joe gave him all of Joe’s new and old books as well as manuals with notes to help him.  It was later when Tommie Jones stated that Joe was bribing him and wanted the Manager’s Job and you all believed him. What a bunch of fools who have poor instincts.  Joe wished a co-manager situation temporarily to get Jones up and running.  Joe has always assisted people as have I and I probably would have been a part of that education.


That is why Helen Miller ended up training Jones to be a manager, telling him what and where to do something as well as introducing Jones to various people so that he could carry on.  But what the Hell does Jones do?  We have  a Grant firm to do our Grants.  He doesn’t have to write up grants nor did Tebo.  He should know about grants however, because there is special accounting which applies, he should read up on the rules.  No manager should expect an employee to do something, if they themselves are not capable of doing a job.  But Jones can’t even remember names.  Thank God he has Beverly Brazil helping him.  But of course, if a mistake is made, Jones will never take the blame just like he blamed everything on Yvonne Bryant.  He is also a poor manager and certainly does not have management skills.  You don’t complain as a manager or executive.  Instead you work to resolve problems and if there does not seem to be a resolution, you brainstorm with your peers and work out the details. If I did not have two or three solutions every time a crisis came up, I would not have had a job.  When an exec, you have to think and sometimes think outside of the box.


Efficient or Logical?  I rather doubt it  He supposedly is this great guru of the computer world but if Helen hadn’t found the computer firm she had, we would have seen that Jones could not have handled what he bragged about.  If it would not have been for Helen Miller in these last six months, we would have already lost White Springs.  So why is she having a bad time getting well?  It is because of stress and the lack of sleep when other people should be doing the jobs she has to do because they are incompetent…or I should just say Jones.


Let’s look at it from another perspective  Tommie Jones may have started the employee application but Meagan had to complete it and for the life of me, I cannot see the difference.  So we pay $250 an hour rather than $25 an hour.  In the private sector the forms were made up by the manager who oversaw employees and programs , most of the time after hours because during the day a person could receive a call every five minutes from an insured/client who needed something post haste.  That means, one has to prioritize, give advice in a hurry if there is an inquiry of  some sort, or what the client must do next.  One gets on the computer and writes notes and letters, probably and it happened frequently while another client was calling.  So when one is out of the office in the private sector visiting with clients, new and current, when does one get their work done?  I can tell you that I sometimes stayed at the office until 10:30 at night as well as working weekends.

It is all about profitability, but in the Public Sector, if you don’t get something done, Like Tommie Jones not knowing that he had to pay insurance premiums for the employees…and even after the health insurance coverage lapsed (Now we have to pay for the doctor’s visit??) and one employee questioned it at a meeting, Jones said he just didn’t get to it.  In fact, he said he was offered reinstatement but there are more than one company to choose from.  Is he nuts?  You jump on it, get a reinstatement, find out how much back money Is owed, send it overnight, and secure confirmation that coverage is reinstated and as of what date.  Right now my understanding is we have Blue Cross and Blue shield which is the best a business can have.  But Jones is so clueless, he doesn’t feel he has to move on things, which is the difference between the Private and public Sector.  In the public sector, it is apparently felt, what you don’t get done today, you can do it tomorrow.  Obviously Jones also doesn’t know what is important and what is not so he has no idea what can be prioritized.   He is definitely an ignorant man and he has no clue how to be a “Town Manager”. And why should he?  He has no experience other than prison and computers. And if Joe had not asked about whether as an independent contractor, Jones did this or that, he would have never done what was necessary to make himself look like one.  But the proof in the puddin’ is whether he paid taxes FICA and income


And what did he do when he started his job as Temporary Town Manager?  He worried about security of the waste water plant and his office and Town Hall.  What?  Why wasn’t he going through every piece of paper on Stacy and Pam’s desk and determining what was being done, on what dates, and what needs to be done.  HE ALSO SHOULD HAVE CONTACTED EVERYONE WHO THE TOWN DEALS WITH TO GET UPDATES. Now we have a community center that is not annexed to the Town so why are we building it on what is not Town property?   If he had gone through every piece of paper he could have written notes, determined contacts, contacted those contacts to see if everything was handled or what need be handled for the future and set up deadlines and a tickler system on the computer as well as manually for important things.  But obviously seeing what he did initially before Miller started telling him what to do, showed he does not have the ability to  manage the Town of White Springs. He should have checked how everyone was getting paid, and what was being paid out, even if it had been for a couple of months prior.  In fact, having such difficulty reading the DUKE power bill is amazing. It should not have been Ms. Brazil’s problem but Tommie Jones should have gone over the bill and wrote up a form telling Ms. Brazil what to pay and when.  It is ridiculous that he does not realize it is his job and it is good that Ms. Brazil is as intelligent as she is because he has no clue.

In the private sector a client of mine felt he was getting screwed by our accounting department IN A FIVE YEAR PERIOD WITH MULTIPLE TRANSACTIONS.  And even though the journal entries were messed up and not matched with the checks, I spent four hours for two nights and had everything balanced on paper for the client’s satisfaction.  Again, what does Jones do?


And then there is the forensic analyst which thankfully Tom Moore researched and we were able to obtain.  There is problem after problem but Tommie Jones doesn’t have the capability of handling any of it and fortunately we have Beverly Brazil handling the details.  I bet if Jones had to do what Ms. Brazil does, he couldn’t handle it.  Partially because he is ignorant and secondly, because he would rather lie than admit that this job is over his head.

So what does Tommie Jones do that he has not been instructed to do.  A real manager determines what priorities and sets schedules daily.  What I would really love to see is Tommie Jones handling Yvonne’s job.  Can’t you see him being addressed by the hundreds of Town’s people asking to pay their water bills and coming in with cash and requiring a receipt.   When no one else is there Yvonne handles the office as Anita Did when Stacy took all her time off.  But let’s face it, all Jones does is complain and have the poor me’s.  He is a liability not an asset and he is the one that made this job difficult for himself, because he has no clue how to read and prioritize and only ask Miller if he has questions, rather than waiting for her to handle everything for him, as does the CPA, as does the Forensic Analyst, as does the attorney.  Again, from his management reports, what the hell does he really do?

The Manager in Jasper was initially part time and he also handled the Clerk’s job and he has everything running like a Top.  And White Springs keeps going in a hole.

No Joe and I do not wish a management JOB with the Town.  Neither of us feel public sector people know how to be efficient nor do they know how to prioritize.  In government, if one runs out of money, they raise fees or taxes…so why do they care if something does not balance.  After all, the people can be taxed and then there is more money. We like the time we have together and both worked our tooshes off for years and years, so we deserve having time off.  The only reason we both have offered is that we see what is happening to our Town and we wished to assist but since we are disliked, our blog is the only way to rectify anything, that is if anyone would listen. We frankly were happy when Thomas Brazil was reiterating some of our ideas because at least the Council would listen to him whereas with us it was a different story.

Tommie Jones should also be working on the surplus and advertising the building even at the appraised value to get some additional money.   Sell the Backhoe and the Excavator because neither is being used and we can lease either cheaper than keeping the overhead.

Oh and about our loosing 18 out of 19 cases, it was because the Judges never saw what was written.  At the time Attorney Koberlein dismissed all the cases and asked for attorneys costs and fees.  Its either paying an attorney for us who would have won the cases but would have charged as much as Koberlein and the Town Charged us.  In fact, we were told by Jeffrey Sigmeister’s right hand person that yes Pam was at fault and could have been fined, etc. but they ignored it.  She admitted it in Judge Scaff’s courtroom after I nailed her with it. She was there to defend Stacy Tebo at the time but we won the case. The County and other municipalities as well as the States protect each other against the Private Sector.  Instead of following their own laws, they show favoritism to Public Employees and to hell with Private Sector individuals….they have to take out a lawsuit.

So before you complain, walk in our shoes or are you also ignorant or believing the lies people like Jones tell you.  If either, you’d better do your research because we are sic k and tired of the inefficiency and it has been all the councilors throughout the decades who have made this Town Broke plus the fact that they hire some of the worst employees like Pam Tomlinson with only a GED instead of the best of the best because we do not follow rules of the Charter or the Personnel Manual either.  Really, it is time to get a clue!!

No I do not believe Tommie Jones is working that hard.  If he is it is because he is running around circles not knowing what to do until Helen Miller assists him.  Having a near Masters Degree without experience, does not make one a Master’s of Public Administration and I guarantee from what I have seen, he is not a natural so he needs to work on it.  But God save Helen Miller lest she become really ill because of all the incompetency around her.


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