Chief Zero’s Fire Department with zero firefighters recent request to Hamilton County

You will recall the Hamilton County Fire Protection and Related Emergency Services Agreement.  Well the powers of being, which I now understand included Mayor Lofty hand, wished changes which they had hoped the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners and Mr Land would accept.  The HCBC by no means accepted these changes which are as follows:


9.  Instead of one Certified Volunteer Firefighter responding to all calls of service, they listed “one appropriately trained responder” And added for calls involving immediately dangerous to Life or Health atmospheres, two Certified Firefighters must respond in the initial call for credit as a response.”

Instead of Reports being turned in to the Hamilton County Fire Coordinator, White Springs will complete reports in the Emergency Reporting System no later than the 15th of the following month of the quarter.

The report would include the named personnel and they added “Apparatus” that responded.

All certifications and training must be kept current and White Springs added “and uploaded into Emergency Reporting”.

Instead of Sixty (60%) of firefighters must attend monthly County training – the Town changed the percentage to “50%” of “ACTIVE” firefighters must attend.

And they stated “Town shall utilize the Emergency Reporting software as its official site of record for all personnel, apparatus and equipment”

Non conformance of the “SOG” may result in no payment was placed in.  Guidelines rather than procedures???


Where it was stated under f. The Fire Coordinator must have on file the following (Hamilton County Volunteer Fire Application; FDLE Criminal background check; Drivers License; Annual Medical physical; Annual fit Test; Firefighter I State Certificate….etc)   White Springs Stated “The Town must have the following data “Where applicable” uploaded into the Emergency Reporting System for each member of department”

Not only that but White Springs listed “Calls for service with an alarm to arrival time greater than twenty-five (25) minutes shall constitute a non-response”   WHAT????  REALLY???

Instead of having deductions for each call not handled, White Springs placed the words “Failure to comply with terms of this agreement could result in non-payment for quarters(s) found deficient”.

White Springs also added “For the duration that the County desires to staff EMS in White ?Springs, they may use our Fire Station free of charge”    AND THEY’LL COMPLAIN ABOUT THE ELECTRICITY – WHAT????


Yes White Springs desires $30,000 annually but White Springs states the County agrees to pay the same up to the limit of the amount of the appropriation as above shown, not to exceed $7,500 per quarter ADDING “With a quarterly Base amount of $5,000”

Then White Springs states the Quarterly payments of the additional $2,500 (over their $5000 base they don’t have to work for) shall be prorated to reflect the total amount of calls answered versus total calls for service provided (Example: 100 calls for service were requested for the Quarter, FD responds to 5 of the 100 calls, quarterly payment will be 75% of $2,500 (The base being constant, taking out the original contract’s full amount of $7,500 being prorated)


Then they have the audacity to tell the County that the“County agrees to maintain Emergency Reporting Software subscription for term of contract”


Do the  “nonintellectual” people in White Springs who drafted this copy really believe that the Board of County Commissioners are ignorant?   Should the County fork over $5,000 a quarter for no calls to be answered, just so White Springs can justify some income so they can secure a grant for a new fire engine from USDA?   And if Hamilton County pays the Money, should not Hamilton County have full reign on Chief Zero Stith and his non-certified, non-existent group of fire fighters?   What a Joke!



But if you have no Fire Department, I guess you have to do something even if it is as stupid as your changes are.

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