Brazil defends former firefighters at March 13th meeting

As the world turns and days of White Springs’ lives, the March 13 Town Council Meeting is never boring.

Rhett Bullard did not attend last night’s meeting so our Vice Mayor Tonja Brown conducted the meeting or tried to at least.  What I mean is that poor Tonja has difficulty reading the agenda and Thank God Walter McKenzie was there to assist her when she had total failure in discussions and protocol.

I Thank Thomas Brazil, a former firefighter of White Springs who stated his side to the seven minute showing by Steve Stith of the condition of the firehouse and the  trucks.  Thomas explained that the fire fighters were not allowed in the station because the locks were changed after each volunteer gave their resignation.  He also explained that he worked on the trucks with his own time and money because he knew White Springs would not provide the funds to maintain the vehicles.  If it could be done by the firefighters, then it was done without knowledge of White Springs.  Prior to Kevin Pittman taking over as fire chief, the fire engine sat outside for over a year without any maintenance and only the brush truck was used.  Mr. Brazil asked Steve Stith why when he quit two times prior he would agree to be chief for the third time.  What Changed?  Steve Stith refused to respond to Mr. Brazi and stated he did not have to respond.

Willie Jefferson asked Thomas Brazil why he quit the fire department.   Mr. Brazil advised all who were there that he quit because if Stacy Tebo could treat Kevin Pittman in  the manner in which she did, Ms. Tebo would not respect the other firefighters either.   Mr. Jefferson did not understand and against said, so you quit because of Kevin Pittman and again Mr. Brazil had to tell Mr. Jefferson that he did not trust Stacy Tebo and there was no respect of the Town for their fire fighters, so it was because of her treatment of Kevin Pittman and the fact that she would treat the other firefighters the same that Mr. Brazil quit.

Mr. Stith stated there were eight firefighters now and when asked by the audience how many were within a 10 mile radius of White Springs, Tonja Brown hit her gavel and especially told Karin  Griffin that she would not tolerate Karin’s outbursts (however, she did not use a big word like “tolerate” cause she is not that smart).

Then Walter McKenzie said that he had questions and although most were answered, he asked how many of the firefighters were in Town or within a radius of ten miles.  Tonja Brown could not shut him down so we were thankful for his assistance.

Steve Stith said there were four, not including himself within a fifteen mile radius.  He also stated that he had spoken to Tom Brazil after the meeting in which Mr. Brazil resigned and that they had a nice conversation.  Mr. Brazil said it was a nice conversation but he will not go into a fire with the likes of the assistant Fire Chief who does not know how to fight fires and is a danger to all other firefighters.  Furthermore, referring to Chief Stith, when Brazil worked for the fire department before, the Chief never fought one fire and lives in White Springs.  In Fact Mr. Brazil was in route from Jacksonville when he was paged and made it to a White Springs fire on time and fought another fire and there was no Fire Chief at the station.  Again no one has seen Chief Stith ever fight a fire himself and Andrew Greene is a danger to the other firefighters.

Then our appointed council member who believes he is pious and will change White Springs said how he believed the seven minute video Steve Stith showed really was positive rather than negative in that many times a person in the military makes a list or a video to show what needs to be done so that one does not forget.  I cannot believe the bullshit which comes from Spencer Lofton’s mouth.  It is an absolute lie to begin with and no one will believe his story after being at the last meeting.

In any event the lies and corruption become very interesting and the citizens, I feel are less protected as a result.  In fact Mr. Brazil told me at sidebar that when he was a firefighter at first in White Springs, he did not know who the fire chief was for over a year, because our Fire Chief Stith never showed up.


On the good side, the Town of White Springs made two resolutions which allow Scott Gay to purchase the old fire station on Highway 41 and the land which is not part of the park to start a bakery business which will consist mainly of cheesecakes.

Mr Lofton said our Town was looking up with a new Bakery coming in as well as the Seafood store…which by the way the Town has caused Ivan Udell more than one problem in the first place.  That is why the store did not open last year.  Again Mr. Lofton apparently has no idea of what is actually going on in this town or is spewing bullshit to cover up the corruption and unfair treatment of certain people.

Also the CDBG Grant was discussed and the categories were explained.  The public and the council as a result decided upon Neighborhood Development as the project to apply for and it was unanimous by four council members.


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