The RHATT Pack Watch Day 328

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 328


Today is Tuesday, March 19th, Day 328 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Town Council Election Day is just around the corner.  And qualifying to be a Candidate for the Town Council Election is just coming to a conclusion.  One of the individuals who has qualified to be on the ballot for the April 23rd Election is Tom Moore.  He’s retired and has been a healthcare provider his entire career.  Let’s take a look at Tom Moore and his qualifications for Town Council.


Moore is 73 years old.  He received his post high school professional education in healthcare, specifically in nursing.  He began his career at Baptist Hospital in Miami.  Over time Moore rotated through a variety of Baptist Hospital’s Departments.  In each Department, he excelled and was given increasing responsibilities.  One of his assignments included the Emergency Department.  He spent more than a decade in the Emergency Department where he saw first hand how critical every second, every minute was when a health emergency occurred.  Moore’s performance in the Emergency Department was so impressive that he was promoted into his first management position, Employee Fitness Coordinator.


After a couple of short years, he was again promoted to Director of Employee Health and Fitness.  Baptist Hospital is part of the Baptist South Florida network of five hospitals and seven specialty and outpatient facilities.  Soon, Moore was tapped to become Corporate Director of Employee Health Services for the entire network.  In this position, Moore had a $10,000,000 plus budget and was responsible for the health and wellness of 12,000 employees over multiple locations.  After fifteen years, in this position where Moore instituted a significant number of innovative healthcare approaches, and substantially improved the overall wellness of the corporate staff, he retired in 2007 to White Springs.


Not content to sit around in retirement, Moore began attending Town Council Meetings, joined the Special Events Committee and sought out additional ways to apply his education, knowledge, skills and management experience to White Springs and surrounding entities.  On the Special Events Committee, he helped organize and conduct dozens of events throughout the years.  In addition, as a US Tennis Association tennis instructor, Moore saw an opportunity to provide additional recreation opportunities for White Springs’ youth.  Moore raised the funds, obtained the permits and supervised the construction of Tennis Courts and related facilities.  He then taught tennis to any White Springs youth interested in tennis.  In fact, since 2014, Moore has also been the Boys Tennis Coach for Columbia High School.  Moore also raised the funds, supervised and participated in the construction of the Veterans Park by the Water Tower.  In addition to his efforts in White Springs, Moore also worked at the Florida Sheriff’s Boys’ Ranch since his arrival in White Springs.  In this regard, he was responsible for the health and wellness of about 60 ranchers as well as condiucting classes on First Aide, CPR and more to the staff.


Quite simply, Moore is highly qualified to serve on the White Springs’ Town Council.  He’s attended Town Council meetings for the last twelve years; he knows the issues facing White Springs; he understands financial planning and implementation and he understands better than anyone the need to have all aspects of the Town’s infrastructure working properly and functioning in a timely fashion.  Moore will help restore White Springs’ infrastructure and return financial integrity to the Town.


Save White Springs, ELECT TOM MOORE, and remove Mindless and the Ratt.  It’s Day 320 and the Red Face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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