I don’t believe for a minute the odometer reading photo from Stith was from the Fire SUV

As you are aware, Steve Stith would not allow us to look at the odometer of the Fire SUV.  Instead he sent photos showing it had a bit over 21000 miles.  Let’s say he just uses the SUV to and From Work, five days a week for 52 weeks that would mean 11,440 miles x two years or a total $22,880    Let’s Add a Trip to Disney World from Lake City at 170 Miles one way for a total 340 miles  Then Let’s add at least one Trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa at 168 miles one way but since Greene’s in-laws live in Tampa, we will add another 168 miles for at least five trips as an estimate.  6 Trips to and from Lake City of 336 miles for a Total 2,016 miles.

Let’s then add visiting Greene’s parents or Steve Stith at least one day during the weekend.  44 x 1 x 104 (two years of 52 weeks) for a Total of 4,576 miles for weekend Trips to White Springs and back to Lake City.

Now we know Andrew has not made any fire calls but he does not just drive to and from Lake City without stopping and eating at restaurants, visiting other sites, shopping whether for groceries or other supplies necessary and we will give a lean 6,000 for two years of personal driving.

It is so nice that Andrew Greene had been given a benefit no other employee other than the embezzlement of payroll for Hutcherson, plus Greene received a credit card for gas other than that which he received from the Town Tank as well as maintenance and repair.  Nice!!


I would Guess instead of just over 21,000 miles on the odometer, it should read approximately 35,812 in mileage…..so who’s vehicle did Steve take a photo of an odometer on?   There is no way that the vehicle only has 21,000 miles on it.


Like I advised at the council meeting, I wouldn’t trust a thing Steve Stith would tell me even if he had his tongue notarized.


Karin for the blog

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