His Stint at Hamilton County School District as a JRROTC instructor

You know it’s amazing!  The Town of White Springs has a fit if a DD214 is not provided when one has been in the military and it is more amazing that NO WHERE is there a record that Mayor Lofty ever had an “Honorable Discharge”.

Staff (Assistant) Sgt Lofty worked for Hamilton County High School from August 2008 to June 2, 2009.   Whether it was a lack of funding or whether it was what was rumored, his contract was not renewed for the 2009-2010 school year.

As Joe has mentioned to me getting Junior ROTC Instructors is difficult and the certifications for which he is qualified to train JRROTC is no different than being “qualified” for running as a candidate.   He works for the Schools.


Lofty did get a recommendation from Lake Worth Community High School stating he had outstanding performance, positive professional attitude and sincerity regarding his responsibilities.  In addition he also assumed the head coach responsibilities of the junior varsity basketball team and assistant coach at the varsity level.  Lake Worth Community High School was very happy with his results and delivery of all expectations.  Obviously, things changed since he has been involved with Madison, Hamilton County and White Springs.  Essentially he is a substitute teacher with only limited genre.

But maybe it was his “Charm”  I remember those who came to his first presentation of what he wished done at S.H.E.  Although he had no plan; had no expertise in finance or contracts; had no experience relating to insurance; leases or sub-leases and economics, the ladies he charmed just oohed and ahhed at his every word.   Obviously he puts on a good story but doesn’t have the leadership skills or the business acumen to do anything seriously and yet the Town let’s him negotiate.  What a joke!

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