The RHATT Pack Watch Day 311

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 311


Today is Saturday, March 2nd, Day 311 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.

Apparently someone from White Springs, or at least some place close by, has been snapping pictures or gathering information.  We know this because the “Watch” received a call from Dylen Howard, Editor in Chief, at AMI’s National Enquirer.  Howard was attempting to verify a rather sensational tip that it received concerning a White Springs resident.


It all started a long time ago.  Back in 1926 William Griffin founded a broadsheet newspaper, known as “The New York Evening Enquirer” which he published on Sunday afternoons.   In 1952, Griffin sold the paper to Generoso Pope who changed the name to National Enquirer and its format to a sensationalist tabloid.  By 1966, Pope had increased circulation from 17,000 to over a million.  He relocated the Company to Florida, established additional publications and pioneered selling tabloids at supermarket Checkouts.


Shortly after Pope died in 1988, his family sold the company to Macfadden Publishing.  Macfadden already had a number of publications.  They refined the market segmentation addressed by their publications, refocused several periodicals and expanded the number of publications to cover as much of the total market as possible.


In 1999, a group led by David Pecker acquired AMI.  After a number of changes, AMI moved the National Enquirer back to New York and installed Dylen Howard as its Editor in Chief.  Under Pecker, the Enquirer focused on sensational stories concerning prominent individuals.  It also began paying for tips and stories which were used in both its print publication and its online gossip website “Radar Online”.


According to Howard, the Enquirer received a tip concerning a story about a prominent White Springs resident.  Apparently the tipster indicated that exceeding revealing photos could be provided as well as the story behind the pictures.  Since the tipster had indicated the pictures and related story was of the type of sensational story they routinely published, Howard wanted to verify the tidbits of the story that had been provided prior to agreeing to purchase the pictures and information.


While the prominent individuals involved were not unfamiliar to the “Watch and its reporting, the “Watch” was unfamiliar with the specific event and activities and indicated such to Howard.  However, the “Watch” did provide the names and contact information for several individuals who the “Watch” believed would have considerable insight to any activities associated with the specific events of interest to the Enquirer.  At Howard’s request, the “Watch” agreed not to publish any specifics, until the Enquirer decides what action it plans to undertake.  Howard did say that if they can confirm the story, they would acquire the materials and expected to publish the story.
Head’s Up White Springs!  By the time this column is published, a couple of you should be receiving calls from the enquirer.  The “Watch’s” guess is that you already know why.  For the rest of White Springs residents, this is the kind of activity that needs to be rooted out of Town.  Since White Springs has no law enforcement infrastructure, thanks to the Red-face Ratt, his “Gang of Thugs” and the “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebow, your only option is to work through the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.


Also, the Town Council Election will be held on April 23rd.  Recruit TWO honest, competent and hard working Candidates for the Council; help them meet with every potential voter; and on election day, help get out the vote and ensure that you cast your vote.


Eliminate Mindless “Have a 4th Grader Splain it to me” Vice Mayor Tanja and the Ratt.  It’s Day 311 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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