Why You Can’t Argue With a Leftist

Why You Can’t Argue With a Leftist


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February 4, 2019
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Why You Can’t Argue With A Leftist


It used to be that conservatives and liberals could talk in a civil manner because they ultimately shared common goals – they just had different ideas about how to achieve those goals. What changed? Comedian Owen Benjamin examines why, these days, rational dialogue seems nearly impossible.

Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager, Ep.67: How The Left Justifies Bad Behavior


Dennis Prager talks about happiness, the left’s copious bad behavior, and much more. Check it out!

Will Witt: Man On The Street

Do College Students Believe In God?


Does religion make your life better? Will Witt visited Arizona State University to ask students how belief in God – or lack thereof – has affected their lives.

Last Week’s 5-Minute Video

Why Trump Won


Were you shocked at the results of the 2016 American presidential election? Most people were, but Stephen Harper was not one of them. Here, the former Prime Minister of Canada explains the trends that foreshadowed Trump’s victory and left many political elites looking wildly out of touch.


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