Let’s assume that Andrew gets to keep the Fire Department SUV even though he is not an employee of the town of White Springs. Hold on Joe, you say, “Andrew is the assistant Fire Chief or Fire Marshal or something, is he not?” Sure, let him have a public asset even though he doesn’t respond to any fire or medical calls.

The question then becomes where were will the SUV be? The answer as we all know is at Andrew’s home in Lake City for most of the time. From there he has not shown up for Fire Calls in White Springs simply because he is too lazy or the events over take him, he is just too far from White Springs to do any good. The second place the SUV will be is at his employer’s place of business. That too is a non-starter. When he is at work either the SUV is parked at his house with no one to drive it, or it is at his place of business where, it is assumed he will be ON DUTY and unable to respond to a fire call. Let’s just assume that he is working for the idiot Stith at Century Ambulance. If he is on duty at the Ambulance company he can not take off time to “drive to White Springs” for a fire or a medical call. Even the incompetent one, Stith, wouldn’t allow an employee to do that. If the SUV is at his employers business and the Child Bride is on a service call then the SUV is at the Ambulance company with no one to drive it just like it is when he has it parked at his  home during his ON-DUTY time..

Either of these two events DO NOT SUPPORT THE CITIZENS OF WHITE SPRINGS. Even if the Child Bride, bi-sexual as he may be, is the assistant Fire Chief or the Fire Marshall the SUV  is dead to the Citizens’ of White Springs. It couldn’t be less effective if it was parked at the fire house and one of the allegedly four members of the fire department who live within 5 miles of town came to drive the vehicle to a fire or medical call and didn’t show, an all to frequent occurrence. Of course none of the Fire Fighters listed in the list provided by Town Hall live within 5 miles of town and the idiot Stith is always at work, per his wife.

Either way, the SUV could not fulfill its job of helping protect the Citizens of White Springs. It would be as dead to us as Stith or Greene or any member of the Gang of Three. Worthless. We might, as a town, sell the SUV to the highest bidder. It couldn’t be any less effective if we did that.

There is no benefit to the town citizenry of the town if any of the three options, Andrew keeps it at his house while he is on duty at his job, Andrew takes the SUV to work but is unavailable to respond to a fire or medical call for White Springs or we SELL the damn thing and use the money for some other purpose to assist the citizenry of Town.

It is no secret that we are a poor town but to take an asset, one that’s purpose is to respond to fire or medical calls, and piss it away. I don’t care who Andrew is having sex with, there is NO BENEFIT to the town in either of the three options.

For Walter, Helen and Spencer. What’s the benefit to the public. I can’t see one, maybe you can ‘splain it to me since Tonja and Rhett have already decided before they hear the question. Don’t fret though. I’ll beat both of them over the head come election time. Giving away a $60,000 dollar asset to a pervert. NO PUBLIC PURPOSE……


  1. No one will get the benefits of the SUV no one has benefited from the time the department received the SUV. The only person who has benefited from it has been Andrew who has had a free vehicle to drive around in. No one in this town has benefited from him having it not one person it could have been used for far more then Andrew’s personal vehicle but just like this blog has said before it special strokes for special folks. Guess this town manager plus its so called fire Chief give to those who dont do a damn thing hate to say it in the real world this crap would never happen, only in white springs does one benefit from not doing anything just like the so called members of the department who live no where near white springs or care for its citizens they are all just doing there boss Steve a favor that’s it plan and simple. Stand up Citizens of White Springs put an end to this nonsense vote Lofton,Brown, an the Ratt out lets fix our town together.

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