It looks like White Springs will not be getting any money from the County for responding to fire calls or medical calls. White Springs refuses to sign the contract that Jennings, Jasper and the County have all signed.

Why you ask? It is simply because White Springs doesn’t want its firefighters, or properly said, 60% of its firefighters, to mandatorily take monthly training in Jasper. Why you ask? Simply because the town can’t get 60% of anything because there are not more than three firefighters regardless of the LIE Stith told the Council.

We have no fire department. There is only one fire fighter in town and he hasn’t fought a fire in 10 years and never in White Springs. He’s more concerned that somebody writes to his office email address that providing a functioning fire department. Stith is a LIAR and a FRAUD. Here the town has the taj mahal of fire buildings and no one to fight fires or answer medical calls. He even bitched  about the County Ambulance Service using town electricity by leaving the lights on (It was Andrew).

He should, White Springs only functioning firefighter, resign now and let us start again. No one will work for him, with good reason.


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