What our Amazing unofficial Town Clerk has done for democracy

With Ms. Tomlinson resigning, we never have to worry about the early voting ballot box going home with her and possibly being allegedly fixed.

Our unofficial Town Clerk Beverly Brazil has taken steps to handle one of the major tasks by preparing for the upcoming election in spite of us not having a Town Clerk.

Ms. Brazil has reviewed old files, went through all the updates and held a meeting with Supervisor of Elections Laura Hutto where she had provided the packets for the candidates she had placed together.  She did such an amazing job, that Ms. Hutto only had one more sheet which was added.  Ms. Brazil also made a PDF file two sided to not waste as many trees.

We will be using automated equipment from the Supervisor of Elections.  Since we do not have a clerk, the locked box for early voting is to be kept behind bars and locked in the server rooms at night.  It will be not opened until all the votes have been cast on election night and then ran through the automated system.

Initially Laura Hutto advised that we should have six individuals to work the poles.  But since we don’t have that many in Town, we are down to three with the designee.  After March 17th, Ms. Hutto will instruct the pole workers so they are prepared.   The system is similar to what Ms. Brazil has done in Columbia County and she stated it was simple to operate.

Ms. Brazil was  looking for an additional person to work the polls and to take the 13 hour class with Ms. Hutto.  One person was suggested but some of the public and a councilor stated an emphatic “No”.  Then Manager Jones and Ms. Brazil asked whether I would work at the poles and take the instructional class necessary.  As you are aware, I am reluctant to work for the Town, but I accepted because of my democratic duties to a fair election for the Citizens of White Springs.  So, after classes, I will take my duties seriously and you will receive no more opinions from me on the blog since I shall remain as bi- partisan as possible without judgment..  I, of course, cannot make any promises for Joe who will be campaigning as usual, LOL.

With Mr. Whitehead handling our finances and setting forth internal controls, and with Ms. Brazil’s organizational abilities and a wealth of information, this Town is looking up.  Thank you Mrs. Brazil for everything you have been doing for the Town and your continuing to make our Town better.

By the way with regard to our Accounting and Finance Situation, there is still much to do on the thorough analysis being performed by Mr. Whitehead.  We are told it will take two years to fix our system of errors.

Karin for the blog

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