What a sad group of people who run our town!!

We the Griffins have been labeled as troublemakers because it isn’t easy for us to keep a poker face and smile while reacting to a toxic person whose behavior is ridiculous and frustrating, like Walter McKenzie is to us and many others.    The problem in White Springs it is not just McKenzie, unfortunately, who frustrates others with his continual bloviating. It is so obvious how two of the female members of the council actually show their anger and tend to persecute those who they feel are the reasons for everything which goes wrong for them. After all, they are perfection and what they think and feel should be accepted by everyone in their thoughts and feelings.They need to look in the mirror.

Most successful people understand that if one restricts himself/herself by not listening to others who may have a great idea or information on laws which need to be adhered too, by not even considering what is being said, you are restricting and limiting what knowledge you may achieve. But I figure the problem is that every official has some type of agenda.  If someone, anyone tells them something they do not wish to hear, then those persons are a nuisance and are dismissed.  Fortunately Moore and Brown seem to empower themselves to deal with even what some say may be the most difficult people.  For that, I give these two credit  .

At last night’s meeting it was obvious that there is a major divide in White Springs where people cannot seem to find a way to get along and work with each other.  And I blame our councilors who feel they can do no wrong , who feel they are correct all the time and who feel because they are elected, every member of the public and every committee person must listen to them, even if we know they are wrong. After reading my notes it is obvious White Springs has a problem.  Even the current administration throws daggers at the former administration.  Then the current administration because they feel they are correct all the time, tends to blame staff for their own faux pas because after all, with that superior attitude, how in the world could they admit they are wrong?.

Although we are becoming better at cultivating a diplomatic poker face of civility and politeness with a smile these days, it is still difficult to maintain when all the officials seem to be  making ridiculous statements and digging a larger hole for themselves.  Even with Walter McKenzie’s excessive talking, it has to be that he is doing it to impress himself rather than others, because he certainly does not impress most people.  What he states in a long drawn- out slow paragraph, could be said by most in a quick effective sentence.  But perhaps he cannot think that rapidly or make decisions expediently without a dragged out fight with his own mind.   The more he is able to talk, the happier he seems to be because he loves hear himself speak.But seriously, doesn’t he realize others are ready to sleep or want to pull the statements out of his mouth.

 It is difficult to maintain a consistent level of decorum when interacting with certain members of our council and the ridiculous things which are said not to mention, the the constant badgering of a committee.  All McKenzie and Rivers told them was how they cannot spend all the money given them by the town, and to assume they would.  It was the constant warning that there needs to be a profitability and questioning every decision that was beyond the pale.   Of course McKenzie tells us that he has done everything and when he was on that committee…..well while you were sleeping Walter things changed and it is not the same anymore!  It was like some father(McKenzie) and mother (Rivers)chastising their children.

There was no sense in their actions since our volunteers are adults and watching their budget, probably more closely than the council watches theirs. This was evident, councilors, when we were told that the committee spent their own money and purchased awards on their own because they had no money from the Town.  This Council needs to grow up.  In the past McKenzie and Miller readily agreed to pay anyone who asked for money.  In fact the Strong Foundation was given $2,000; $1,000 fore each basketball event but when the council voted on it it was only $500 per event…but what the heck it was under the old administration, not the current administration.

Now the current administration is blaming the former administration for everything which is happening to them.  What kind of nonsense is that?  And you all consider yourselves adults?  The Council expects the Special events committee to do something when they did not know what the procedure was and allows the Manager to Require attendance at meetings while hanging on to the Town’s money. as if the Special Events Committee and the Azalea Festival were of ill importance.  .  Do you know how stupid you all seemed last night?  What you warned the committee of relating to Notices required by the Sunshine Laws, you allow your Manager to abuse those laws by his non performance and you all have violated them yourselves.  This council is not transparent whatsoever .  And as I learn more, I find that what I have been told by Mayor Miller is a fabrication of sorts. I find that Lofton and Tebo actually did things for the committees whereas all you three councilors do is complain about everyone.  Give me a break.  You complained about Rhett not paying his water deposit until we decided to make a complaint,  but last night he offered $1,000 to the Committee and has spent other money previously like purchasing a kayak for the duck race.  What am I missing?

Often people do what they do because of themselves, not because of you. They may be reacting to something in their own circumstances, and it’s just a coincidence that you ended up in their cross hairs.  McKenzies and Rivers comments about the Town unwilling and unable to afford having an Azalea Festival, after a while just seemed annoying.  That is especially true when they do not watch the Town’s budget but allow Tommie Jones to purchase what he wants when we have never had problems relating to security at the Wastewater Plant or Town Hall.  Just keep sermonizing the public as if they are your children and you will find that in the very near future, they will say enough is enough and vote you out of office. It appears Walter has been in office too long and I cannot find one accomplishment other than his work with the Folk Festival.  Being a writer for the newspaper really hasn’t done anything for White Springs because most of the articles are boring and do not relate to what is really happening.  And it will be no one’s fault if you lose an election, except your own.You three are not team players!

Last night’s meeting was embarrassing.  Here we have a Committee who has been working hard, tried to introduce themselves at MLK and then having never received direction from the Town.  Yet Walter McKenzie on behalf of the Town was confrontational in his manner when addressing what the Committee should and hasn’t done.  But did McKenzie do anything with the TDC?  Nah, why should he?.  And I was shocked when they were talking about his rudeness he presented when asking for a donation of food for the Taste of White Springs. I probably wasn’t supposed to hear that and report it, but felt it was necessary because what good are counselors who won’t consider helping those who are volunteering their time.

McKenzie, White Springs will remain divided until you can clean your own houses and  as to Miller, you need to quit acting with the reasoning of a toddler having a tantrum. It is becoming far too obvious to many people.  If you wish to impress people, you have to fake composure but your vindictiveness is so high off the chart, it apparently cannot be controlled. Even your husband is similar when he  had told Joe when you first ran for office, that if you did not become mayor because of Joe, he would kill Joe.

That also goes for Rivers who is so anxious to perform her vengeance on another Council Member and the Admin, because she and Miller do not like either and need to make room for those they like.  And if it is true Rivers lost her second job, she needs to work at Town Hall and to do so means criticizing others who may not even be to blame.

No one likes everyone, but if one does not open themselves up and listen to other’s people’s ideas and not always have to be right by pointing fingers at others, you lose in the long run.  You three would come a long way to better relationships with other members of the council as well as the public if you actually cared for the people who you represent. Unfortunately it shows because your anger comes out every time someone disagrees with any of you.  Currently it is just your individual agendas that you care about and to Heck with anyone else.  It is truly sad.

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