To those who couldn’t believe the Town could be more corrupt

Yes, to those who have asked or wished the disposition of the Little Red SUV, we have your answer.
Yes, it was Andrew’s last day yesterday, but that did not stop the Town in allowing him to retain the Red SUV for his personal use.  Today it is parked at his house.  Why would he have it if Stacy and Rhett did not approve his usage, and credit cards etc.
Now the USDA was concerned about this scenario so I understand they wrote to Stacy Tebo and asked her for a letter sometime back stating the SUV is being used for its intended purposes.  This was only to protect the USDA but in time it will unravel and it will be considered Public Corruption.
As far as I am concerned, since Andrew and his bride do not show up for training and cannot and have no intention of fighting fires, this is pure conversion by Andrew Greene, Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo.  The fact that Steve Stith keeps lying that we have a fire department and we do not is frankly public corruption and the Town has given these Two, Andrew and Steve benefits no other employee/ volunteers have ever received.
I have never seen a Town so dirty in my life and what we the Taxpayers and other Taxpayers in Florida have paid for to assist our Town, is being misused continually.
So there you are…Andrew definitely has the red SUV for his personal use and we are not the only people in Town who think this is morally wrong, much less conversion on the part of Stacy, Rhett and Andrew.  I hope when this entire thing is investigated the three will be taken away in cuffs and pay thousands in fines.



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