To those persons who wished to write something on our blog but who did not wish to utilize the comment section for our review relating to two individuals and their personal problems, we are not interested in providing such information on our blog.


Joe Griffin and I are Citizen  Activists.   Our activism consists of efforts to promote, impede, direct, or intervene in social, political, economic, or environmental reform with the desire to make changes in society, specifically in removing Public Corruption from White Springs. 


The purpose of our blog is to provide Transparency which no longer is available in the Town of White Springs.  This Transparency includes information as to what Public Officials are promoting against the wishes of the Citizens of White Springs including benefits given to some but not to others.   White Springs no longer provides an open government and there is scrutiny in what our Town provides as open government.  It no longer includes viable meeting minutes and information on the tapes run during meetings have been tampered with.  In fact, our local Newspaper, the Jasper News, no longer provides full reporting on the items which most people in White Springs may find informative.


The White Springs journal provides a day-to-day, basis on a variety of topics including national news and local news relating to the surrounding areas, including specific court documents of interest to our readers.

Since the Town of White Springs has become extremely corrupt within the last four years, especially since our Town Manager was hired,  including but not limited to drugs, embezzlement, fraud, pedophilia, extortion, Misuse of funds, as well as not following the laws of the State, including the Sunshine Laws, the Federal Government or  our Town Charter, it is necessary that the citizens be apprised.


We have various contributors who assist us with information and if it can’t be verified, it is posed as a rumor.  We welcome those who do not agree with us to state their views.  But we do no allow the White Springs Journal to be a gossip column nor do we wish to hear about people who have their own problems to resolve and should be allowed to do so.  In other words, the blog is Political and sometimes humorous to lighten up the sad state of affairs, the high sewer rates, not having a fire department, not having our police answer calls, the 10% tax on all utilities, the misuse of Local Option Fuel Tax revenue, the alleged tampering of voters ballots, giving an SUV to a Volunteer Assistant Fire Chief for his personal use, paying for people when they cannot perform their work for two years and the mistreatment of specific citizens. 

We also review information on applicants and determine by reviewing information as to whether our Public Officials have falsified documents like in the case of our firefighter roster.  It is not personal but government business to which each citizen should be aware.  All citizens have rights but currently many are afraid of retribution or bribery if they go against certain individuals.  Our accumulated information, the information you provide as well as information from research through Chapter 119’s has been provided to various agencies.  We wish the corruption to stop and we need for all of you to know what our officials have done to make your life more miserable in White Springs.  YOU HAVE RIGHTS UNDER THE LAW AND WE AT THE WHITE SPRINGS JOURNAL AND THE WRITERS OF THE “WATCH” ARE HOPEFULLY ENLIGHTENING YOU SO YOU MAY MAKE POSITIVE DECISIONS FOR THE FUTURE OF WHITE SPRINGS.

aGAIN, we as Citizen Activists disseminate our messages on the blog in an attempt to inform you and to persuade you that you have rights and you may utilize our blog by your comments so that justice is served.


To those of you who which to smear other citizens, this is not some type of gossip column.  Live your lives as you see fit.  Our blog is to provide transparency and information relating to government and if you do not agree with what we place on the blog, or what our contributors write in, please provide your side of the issue.


Karin and Joe Griffin, Citizen Activists


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