The Town Council will not follow their own policies or Ordinances – Way to go Chair Lofty

This is the portion of the Ordinance which was signed at the February 12th meeting relative to decorum.  However, as you will note, Mayor Lofton as the chair refused to hear Joe Griffin and when I went up he refused to hear me and as a result refused the four Attorney General Opinions relating to the Local Option Fuel Tax which were given to the Police Officer.   It might be noted although the officer did not touch me, he grabbed Joe by the arm which in my opinion is assault.

Following the issuance of an initial verbal warning, the Chair may, in the Chair’s discretion, issue further verbal warnings, curtail or otherwise conclude a speaker’s comments or presentation, or remove such person or persons in the event additional violations of the provisions of this Resolution occur.  In the event a presentation, testimony or comment period is curtailed in accordance with this subsection, the Chair may accept and encourages submission of written statements or other documentation to afford ample, alternative channels for the speaker to have an opportunity to convey his or her message, testimony, or viewpoint to the Town Council. The Chair’s decision may be appealed by members of the Council to the Council.

It just shows although the Town Council may sign a policy which I understand Ms. Tebo designed in 2018 and was brought forward in 2019, the Town Council and Mayor Lofton will not follow their own rules.

It may be mentioned, that after the Ratt Watch poem, Ms. Tebo was dressed in a suit and commanded her responses and reports in a direct manner, not using the low keyed voice one could not understand.  That is positive and I thank the “Watch” for the improvement.


Karin for the blog

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