The town blew it because of Cognitive dissonance

I still cannot believe that the councilors, with the exception of Tonja Brown, cannot read the laws pertaining to independent contractor/consultant and employee, and not understand that they are doing a dis-service to Tommie Jones.   Tonja Brown at least indicated that she had to read more before making that decision, so say what you will about Tonja, she apparently has a higher IQ, in in spite of general education to know she could not make a quick decision.

Yet isn’t it funny! Because of cognitive dissonance, no matter what Joe Griffin or Karin Griffin have to say, they have to be wrong.  After all our Councilors, again excluding Brown, will state the Griffins are wrong, even though all either of us have done is to provide ideas and suggestions to White Springs to get out of the hole.  We have even offered our assistance.  But what hangs the councilors up is the fact that we both have an infinity for the workings of law and White Springs has always been above the law.

At least today , after seeing all of the illicit activities of White Springs and the perpetrators getting away with everything, Jennings and Jasper have joined White Springs in these near criminal activities.  The unfortunate thing is that good people quit because they cannot handle the intolerable conditions.  Yet in White Springs, the councilors pretend everything is the way it should be.  We have managers that can’t handle their jobs but will blame someone if they stipulate any information contrary to what the managers state.  That is why Mr. Jones, instead of keeping personnel problems to himself, had to tell everyone in a public meeting that he was being bullied by a person that doesn’t have the slightest ability to bully anyone.

It is funny that Mr. McKenzie didn’t complain when Mr. Jones was ranting and raving about being bullied when he did complain about the fire fighters when they wrote a letter of no confidence about Greene.  He chastised them but would not chastise Jones.It’s still the common practice for McKenzie especially to cater to special folks with special strokes.  Jones not but an entire fire department, yes.  Although he finally came to his senses after two years, but obviously must have done something wrong, because the Town is being sued by Preuter.  It was all about timing and neither Jones nor him apparently realized that in the case of retaliation, it looks bad for the town, especially dealing with someone who was on drills for the US Army.  The courts still have a problem distinguishing retaliation due to the fact that if it looks like retaliation, it probably was..  Let’s face it, Ms. Tebo lost her discrimination case because there is no way her actions were without impunity, but she did win her retaliation case because if it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it has to be a duck.

So because Mayor Miller was aggravated that Joe Griffin would dare to complain about her strong mayor tactics in advising Jones every step of the way as to what he should do and assisting him in the office, she decided to get even with Joe Griffin. She followed the manner in which the Commission made their assessment, and not thinking about the bigger picture, wrote this professional dissertation of why Joe Griffin’s complaint should be thrown out.  She failed to understand that by placing Tommie Jones as a Consultant, Mr. Jones for any infractions relating to  him in the Preuter case would make him responsible for his own defense.  This is because Countyline Design Business Services is not the Town nor may it be that Countyline is part of a municipality’s insurance.  There are certain statutory limitations for Municipalities, but not for those of the Private Sector.  But at least, with Helen Miller’s dissertation, we know it is the intent to Make Mr. Jones a consultant, irrelevant as to what the Labor Laws state in their tests. As a result FMIT has no obligation to provide defense for Mr. Jones and especially no reason to provide an award.

But lets face it, the Town has “deeper pockets” as attorneys would state.  And the Town is the “Respondeat Superior” over any hirings and firings, so here we have it.  Walter McKenzie who was at that meeting did not allegedly determine the entire picture before allowing Jones to fire Preuter.  After all it would have been better to discuss the fact that our former Chief had a following with many firefighters, which Preuter did not and with Preuter’s Medic job as well as the fact that he is still a U.S. Army reservist, it makes it difficult for Preuter to be a “Fire Chief”.   Likewise, with Kevin Pittman who is an honorable man, there is no salary for a Fire Chief so there is no benefit because Mr. Pittman only receives a stipend like his firefighters when he is on a call.  Therefore, Mr. McKenzie, because of the “Respondeat Superior” common law is responsible for not handling this obviously in a correct manner.  After all as I said before, if Mr. Preuter’s allegations are correct, who in their right minds would consider calling Mr. Preuter in Clearwater Florida and telling him he had to return immediately to fight a fire.

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