The RHATT Pack Watch Day 308

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 308


Today is Wednesday February 27th, Day 308 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.

As you are aware, the Red-face Ratt’s BoyToy “Cousin” Andrew no longer is employed by White Springs.  However, what you may not know is that “Cousin” Andrew scorched a path on his way out of Town.   In his resignation letter, “Cousin” Andrew tried to ascribe blame for his dismal job performance and his failure at providing any tangible benefit to the Town of White Springs and its residents on “certain members of the Town Council (who) have allowed certain members of the community to defame and harass myself and my family”.


Well, “Cousin” Andrew, since you’re the Ratt’s Boy Toy, it’s obvious that you are not writing about the Ratt or his “Gang of Three”members.  So you must be referring to either Councilman McKenzie or Councilwoman Miller.  Let the Watch assure you that you would be wrong on both counts!  No Council Member has anything to do with the “Watch”.  The “Watch” is written by private citizens.  The data on you and your performance, or lack thereof, is abundant and easy to locate.  At best, you’ve behaved like a “Big Baby” or possibly an “immature juvenile”.  You certainly haven’t behaved like a Man or an Adult of any age.  You claim that you’ve been defamed.  The “Watch” has only reported on what you yourself have done.  You want to talk about the activities that the Watch has reported on, let’s go for it.  Try the following on for size “Cousin” Andrew.


Let’s start with the evidence that you destroyed.  To begin with, you worked in Town Hall.  You should have been astutely aware of “Cousin” Robert’s dalliances with HCCI work crew members (a violation of the law).  They went on for a decade or more and were well known to everyone in Town Hall.  It should have been quite obvious to even you, since “Cousin” Robert picked up pastries, drinks and other treats for his “pet of the month” who was often observed to be seated in “Cousin” Robert’s lap.  In fact, “Cousin” Robert saw to it that everyone on the Town staff, including you, were overpaid “to look the other way”.  Incidentally, that’s also a violation of the law.  you were an integral part of the cover-up.


There is one incident when you did the right thing.  One day an HCCI work crew member complained to you about “Cousin” Robert’s sexual assault.  You were the person who drove this HCCI work  crew member back to HCCI, when he complained about the assault.  Both he and you were interviewed by law enforcement.  You were well aware of the accusations and the ensuing investigation.  As it turns out, HCCI identified nearly a dozen HCCI work crew members who had been assaulted by “Cousin” Robert over the previous decade.  You were also aware that law enforcement visited and searched the Wastewater Treatment Plant for evidence.  Nothing was out of place.


After “Cousin” Robert resigned from his Town Manager and Treatment Plant Operator positions, you reported that he approached you asking for access to the plant.  Unless you are less competent than people give you credit for, you knew there was evidence hidden at the Treatment Plant.  Are you going to deny that you located “Cousin” Robert’s dildos and other sex toys over the ceiling at the Wastewater Treatment Plant?  Clearly when you located these materials, the fact that they were unrelated to anything that should be occurring at the Treatment Plant, should have set off an alarm bell in your head.  You were well aware that law enforcement was looking for this evidence.  So instead of turning them in to Town Management or Law Enforcement, you destroyed the evidence (another violation of the law).  The only reason you would do that is  if you were in cahoots with “Cousin” Robert.  Logicall, “Cousin” Robert told you where his toys were and asked you to retrieve them because that would have been sufficient evidence to put him in prison.  And then, on his last day as Town Manager, you confided in Bob Farley.  Shall we ask him about your conversation?


What do you want to discuss next?  Let’s talk about your work at the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants.  Your claim is this was a full-time job.  At least this is what your time sheets reflect and what the Town paid you for.  Incidentally, if the Town provided the correct information, you were compensated over $50,000 a year plus your very own special benefits including overtime.  Since you’ve resigned, the Town has re-engaged Harry Davis.  You remember Harry?  In case you forgot, Harry taught you about Treatment Plant operations.  It only takes him an hour or two a day for which he is making $300 per week or equivalent to about $16,000 per year and he doesn’t receive benefits.  Other than watching soap operas, what were you doing with the other six or seven hours each day?  It really doesn’t make any difference.  It would be ludicrous for anyone to believe that the time card information by which you were paid is correct.


How about we try discussing your operation of the White Springs’ Bordello and Drug Emporium.  Do you want to deny that the old Fire Station was being used for illicit activities or that you facilitated many of the relationships, both in and outside of White Springs.  The Watch has information from several of the participants.  And, be careful, there are police reports and several Police Officers who can be called to describe what transpired on your watch.  And then there’s the conviction of “Cousin” Don.   You were a key player in helping to facilitate that relationship, including locations for liaisons in Gainesville.  Would you like to go on.  This can be done in a public forum and the officials who were present and know everything that transpired can be there to lay out the facts.
It’s rather obvious that you don’t live in or near White Springs.  The “Watch” has begun scrutinizing your new position with the Florida Rural Water Association.  It also seems obvious that your work travels, place you even farther away from White Springs.  It seems clear from 911 records, that you don’t or can’t respond to any fire or other White Springs emergencies.  So there is absolutely no valid reason for you to be Fire Marshal or to retain the White Springs’ Fire Department Emergency Vehicle.  It’s time to return it.


Here is what the “Watch” will leave you with.  As long as you have assets, that is a White Springs vehicle and Town Credit Cards, you are a valid subject for additional reporting.  Be assured the  “Watch” has considerable additional information about you that can be reported on.  It’s your choice.  Get off the Ratt’s Boy Toy bandwagon, resign as White Springs’ Fire Marshall, return the Town’s Emergency Vehicle and Credit Cards, and provide a written apoloty to  Councilman McKenzie and Councilwoman Miller for your salacious remarks or derseervedly earn the scrutiny of the free press.


It’s time to dispose of The Ratt.  It’s Day 308 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!

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