The RHATT Pack Watch Day 307

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 307


Today is Tuesday, February 26th, Day 307 of the RHATT Pack Watch.

Sightings of the Red-face Ratt around Town have been spotty over the last couple of weeks.  Apparently, after news about the selfies of his weenie, leaked out, the Ratt was a little upset.  It’s not like this was the first time the Ratt had taken selfies.  Apparently this was a rather routine undertaking for him for the last couple of decades.  Like many people, the Ratt prefers to use his Phone rather than a big bulky camera.


Phones are so convenient. All the Ratt had to do was reach into his pocket and there it was.  In the old day, his selfies were taken with a dumb flip-phone with resulting low resolution pics.  Of course, when the first generation of Smart Phones hit the market, the Ratt jumped on the Smart Phone band wagon.  This provided an almost unbelievable upgrade for the Ratt.


As you know, even the first generation of Smart Phones provided the use with considerable flexibility.  The Ratt now had the capability to choose from a specimen of picture resolutions – no more low resolution selfies.  In addition, he could crop pictures, alter the light intensity, the colors and much more.  In addition to taking still pictures, the Ratt now had the ability to take selfie videos.  Although it’s unclear what the value would be of a selfie weenie video.  In any event the Ratt was pleased with his new Smart Phone and began using it immediately.  Today with Smart phones virtually all of the carriers image every phone in the Cloud, with little or no real security.  It’s a good bet the FEDS have captured an image of the Ratt’s phone as well as its daily updates.  Not to worry, the Feds have viewed more disgusting pics than those of the Ratt’s weenie.


So what’s the Ratt doing with all of the selfies he’s been taking.  There’s no laws against an adult taking selfies of anything.  There are some laws which address what can be done with these selfies.  But between consenting adults, the Ratt’s pretty much on solid ground.  However, we also know the Ratt’s had legal challenges regarding selfies and other pics where his relationships with the young fondlings was concerned.


If the Ratt is sending the selfies to his Boy Toy or for that matter to some other boyfriend, that is his prerogative. Some might want to know whether the Ratt is printing and framing the pics, or attaching them to an email, or just adding them to text message, or is he posting them to his Facebook page or Instagram account.   There are so many options available to the Ratt.  Logically, it’s quite possible that the Ratt also receives selfie pics from one of his Boy Toys, maybe even “Cousin” Andrew.  Right now, only the Ratt and the Feds know for certain.  Then again, you can never tell with the Ratt; he might decide to share his junk with more than just a few “Cousins” and post it to the adult world.


Well, White Springs, if you want selfies of the Ratt’s “Junk” circulating around Town, about the only thing you might want to do is drop the Ratt a note asking him to include you on his distribution list.  If on the  other hand, you want to put an end to the Ratt’s free floating “junk” you might want to consider recruiting White Springs’ TWO most qualified residents to run for Town Council.  Identify them, help promote them to the entire Community and ensure every eligible voter has an opportunity to get to the polls and vote on April 23rd.


 Additionally, you might consider how you can help eliminate all of the crime and corruption at Town Hall.  If you have information, or if you can convince someone who does have relevant pics or data, consider sharing it with the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.

It’s time to scrub the Town of Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja and the Red-face Ratt.  It’s Day 307 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t  resigned yet.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!



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