The RHATT Pack Watch Day 305

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 305


Today is Sunday, February 24th, Day 305 of the Rhatt Pack Watch


If you ask the Town of White Springs about any and all of it inefficient employees, The Red-face Ratt will simply tell you that they have hired the best employees money can buy.   But, have you ever thought about what the Red-face Ratt’s actual Plan is for the Town? The Ratt’s plans are all tangled in financial scandals with evidence of conspiracies to enrich the “Cousins” and any of his deviant followers.  If the Ratt has something on you, he will threaten to blackmail you and use his neutered Police force to complete the threat.


The Ratt has another motto relating to his illicit affairs with “Cousin” Ken “I Can Do whatever I want even if it is completely illegal” but he still believes when things get tough “We cousins gotta stick together”   Most of the time the Red Face Ratt has no idea what he’s talking about and that is when his tantrums and  lies come out.   Every dog turd has a fly on it that thinks he’s the king of the world and that is the Ratt’s belief. His greatest Statement at a council meeting was “You actually want us to admit that we are not following the Law?  Yeah, but we know that won’t happen.


Let’s talk about the Ratt’s Lapdog “Just keep paying me Tebow”.  “Cousin” Sell-out Willie was adamant that he wanted “That Girl” even though Tebo had the audience asleep with her hour rendition of what she had learned at each employment and what the job consisted of.  The problem is she did not understand Human Resources in Debary and much less, does not have the leadership qualities to be a good manager.  Yet the Ratt divulges “We can’t keep managers” and since the Lapdog was fired from a previous job, he knows she has no place to go.


What I found interesting is that she could not tell someone what Curtis’ last name was.  Instead she said “His last name escapes me right now”. And he was her employee.   Also, there was more proof that it Was the Red-face Ratt who made certain Kevin Pittman was forced out as Chief.  Of course, the Lapdog will do what the Ratt asks her to .


Remember when “Cousin” Steve Stith quit in June of 2017, she said “ I really didn’t have much to do with the fire department at that time.  He got a monthly salary.  I never saw him in Town Hall and he rarely came to meetings.  So he was in charge of getting volunteers for the department”  So obviously Kevin Pittman’s complaint of non-communication was not a Lapdog issue but rather the Ratt’s decision, especially when Pittman not only attended meetings but his volunteers did as well.


So let’s go on“So when Steve left, Kevin was already one of the volunteers.  I hadn’t met him, but Andrew had come to me and said that Kevin wanted —was interested in it and he already had the certification for Firefighter II, so that was good, because I had nobody else.  He came in and it’s been great because our fire department has turned into a really good fire department from what we had” Notice, there was never a mention, nor is it a requirement of the Town Charter that a Fire Chief have an instructor’s certificate.  And it is obvious the Lapdog felt the fire department under Pittman “turned into a really good fire department from what we had”.  So why was “Cousin”  Steve asked to come back?  Well you’ve got it right.  It all had to do with “Cousin” Andrew “The Evidence Destroyer”, who the Red-face Ratt needed to protect and bribe because of past illicit affairs which “Cousin” Andrew took care of.


There was more said by Chief Two-gun Tracy and Pittman’s hiring after “Cousin” Steve was replaced.  Chief Tracy said that the Lapdog asked her if she had noticed a difference in “Cousin” Andrew’s disposition since “Cousin” Steve had left.   Chief Tracy said “”It was after “Mr. Stith was released of his duties, and I can’t recall if it was before – before the new fire chief was hired or after the new fire chief was hired.  It was just in passing.  More outspoken, more friendly, “hi you” – know how you are and your day.  I mean just very positive yeah…. Came out of his shell.  Yah. Yeah.”  Apparently she did not know the volunteers but because of the Ratt, his Lapdog was concerned only for “Cousin” Andrew.


But I still find it amazing that the Red-face Ratt indoctrinated his Lapdog early on about who she should listen To.  Remember when Councilwoman Miller contacted the Lapdog and asked her to meet at the Pizza Place.  The lapdog said “she kept me there for three hours.  And she was – wanted to convince me that I needed to fire Pam and gave me all the reasons why and told me all kinds of things about the place in general going back to the old city manager Robert Townsend.”  When the meeting concluded the lapdog said “Thank God I’m out of that meeting” – go back to Town Hall”  When asked if she followed the councilwoman’s suggestions, the Lapdog said “No, I don’t ever follow her suggestions so that’s why she doesn’t like me.  That’s the way it seemed to me when I got there” 


Now how could the Lapdog come to that conclusion?  We understand a citizen who wished the Lapdog to succeed assisted the Lapdog in advance of her hire in White Springs and provided her with financials and other information so she would be up to speed.  And when the Lapdog asked who may have objected to her hire, there were only two, her friend and “Cousin” Mindless, Splain it to me Vice Mayor Tonja and Councilman McKenzie.  Councilwoman Miller also assisted  the Lapdog with her thirteen weeks of severance in the event her position was terminated…but the Red-face Rat requires loyalty and obviously, he is the reason we do not have a fire department and the reason he has attacked Councilwoman Miller, continually including forfeiting the Councilwoman’s seat with fictitious accusations

Beware of the Red-face Ratt and his Loyal Lapdog who will do whatever they want, even though it’s completely illegal.  It Day 306  and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues.



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  1. Where O where did the two lover boys go yesterday? Did anyone happen to notice Steve and his little boy toy Andrew went on some kind of road trip together in a city vehicle. Tax payers money going to waste. Step down Steve you are doing nothing for this town but keeping your little boy toys play house open. STAND UP CITIZENS OF WHITE SPRINGS get out an vote let your voices be heard its time for a change.

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