The RHATT Pack Watch Day 298

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 299


Today is Sunday, February 17, Day 298 of the  Rhatt Pack Watch.

Have you finally realized what a con artist Illegal alien Suck-up “Mini-Me-Despot Mayor Lofty is by now?

Let’s take a look into his history while in and out of White Springs and you’ll see there is nothing about him that’s a “Wow”.

First of all, Mayor Lofty loves to be called “Sarge”

But as an E5 he was nothing more than an “Assistant” Sarge


He states he had a high school education in the US Air Force

So I guess he is like most In White Springs completing a GED Course

But what is interesting is that Mayor Lofty didn’t include “Honorable” Discharge papers with his certificates of completion

Which makes one wonder if he actually didn’t have one and it was an omission by deletion


The Florida career and technical education (CTE) course was to teach ROTC

But was issued only temporary for the period from July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2009, you see

So what did Lofty do that had him “Non-renewed” from the Air Force Junior Reserve Officers Training as an instructor?

Since we found he was terminated from the position of AFJ ROTC Instructor

And not only that but he was terminated by the Hamilton County School Board as Director of a children’s program as a bad obstructor



Lofty has received many certificates of completion for courses which are short term

including but not limited to Military Certifications and Juvenile Justice Certifications we affirm.

Was it criminal or just plain dishonesty and lack of proper decorum as a reason for either firing or the hiring?

His ego is huge that it most likely was because he was to ignorant to realize that he was the true reason for any such firing. 


There have been reports of Lofty handling children aggressively

Implementing military style punishments to children which people objected extensively

If what people have said is not true, why do we have a copy of a letter from Hamilton County

NOT recommending him for another term, possibly because he stole its bounty


Lofty made certain his family received all the H.O.P.E. money on file

While slapping the children, making them sit military style

Lofty did not provide them the nutritious and proper snacks allotted by the HOPE program

And, stole some of that bounty of snacks for his own family so that his son could have a special party, a definite grand slam.


Then in 2012, Mayor Lofty ran against Tom Moffses for Superintendent of Schools

With his long term Educator’s Certificate for Athletic Coaching for which he never probably followed the rules

Just what do you think Lofty would do to develop the education for your kids?

When all he could do is be a coach and follow military protocol while taking taxpayer money for his own digs



Lofty doesn’t care about your kids or their education

And had he won, there would have been more drop-outs than ever before causing further frustration.

He would have not only cheated your children of their future

But would have subjected your children to mental and physical trauma as a non-producer


Apparently all Mayor Lofty has earned is some minor military training

And the only education he has is being a coach and involved in nautilus and weight training

Not only was he fired from his positions in Palm Beach County, Jasper, but also in Madison.

But ended up with a recommendation from White springs, the corrupt Town in Hamilton


When running for school superintendent, Lofty was fearful of not getting sufficient voters to the poll

So Lofty the Assistant Sarge” used God’s House for his political campaigning by desecrating Moffses, his only role

Since he lies continually, apparently lying in front of God would never stop him

He never takes responsibility but some of the parishioners whose children were abused remembered what he did to them


Aggressive Behavior by Suck-up Lofty should never be tolerated

Whether it’s abusive behavior to Children or Manacling Adults at Town Hall meetings be dictated

This is not a dictatorship nor are Children Enrichment Programs set as boot camps

If Suck-up Lofty, himself, has not the education to go through the ranks


At one time he said he was taking courses at St. Leos but we don’t know if it was to teach

The next time he had a Temporary Career and Tech Education Certificate which he completed in Palm Beach

But he ended up with a Florida Education Certificate for Athletic Coaching for Grades K to 12

Again, no where do I see Associates, Masters or a Doctorate Degree in which he truly did delve


Certificates of Completion like “AF Junior ROTC Aerospace Science Instructor sound impressive

But when you find out that his part to get the certificate was Computer Literacy, that definitely is NOT so progressive

He even had the Job Training/Supervisor Course

But when working at Sitel, he apparently was dropped and not hired again by the work force



Apparently Optic Cable Installation, R-PACT Training and Motivative Interviewing for Juvenile Justice, NCO preparatory and Arise Life Skills Group Facilitator Certificates did not assist Lofty in life

Because all he seems to know is how to lie and operate like a con-man while living off the hard work of his educated wife

We keep asking whether Suck-Up Lofty has a plan

Or is it just rhetoric and a pile of lies that expel from his mouth as a mad-man



Have you ever asked Lofty why he himself, until now,  never lived in Hamilton County?

Or why he never sent his children to schools in Hamilton County?

Well it’s easy because before he felt he and his family were far better than the people of this Town

And when running for Superintendent of Schools, he put this area down


But what does he really have to offer anyone in this Town?

Except to stroke his own ego as Mayor and put everyone else down.

Let’s take the complaint against Tonja Brown his trusted devotees

When she stuck her nose into the code enforcement Lofty said he made an “investigation”, the sleeze


And when it was brought up that it had to be in the Sunshine

He said he never said that he used the word “investigation” by design

We all heard it but the Town Tapes were redacted

To protect Mayor Lofty from all that which has been fabricated


Then he continually takes shots at Council Woman Miller

Because he is still angry at her for firing him from the H.O.P.E. Program as if he is the Town Pillar.

No Suck-up Lofty is a typical pseudo intellectual flim-flam man

He only provides nonsensical and insecure talk and his plans for the swindling of our Town’s money is way out-of-hand.

Can you believe that when the Hamilton County School Board stated that certain insurance was required on S.H.E. ?

That Suck-up Mayor Lofty actually was stupid enough to ask in writing as to What Law required that the Town provide Insurance and shouldn’t it be Free?

The Town’s people have apparently forgotten what Suck-up Mayor Lofty has done to your children in the past

But it should be a reminder now since he helped take away all after school and summer enrichment programs to task


We no longer have Council Woman Miller’s Donor Friend to provide these programs for the benefit of our kids

When Suck-up Lofty made certain of it after bringing in his dear friend Unfaithful, putting the Town through the skids

Unfaithful not only used the “Grant” money for her own benefit

But extorted the Town and the Donor for an additional $3000 and never considered Thanking anyone for any of it


Then the Red-face Ratt pointed a finger at Council Woman Miller saying she promised the money and Suck-up Mayor Lofty said, she had it in writing

But as usual Lofty lied and there were no promises only a request for a grant contrary to what he was inciting.

The Red-face Ratt and Suck-up Mayor Lofty made certain Unfaithful threatened the Donor by her various phone calls

But also sent in complaints against Miller and bribery against McKenzie which were definitely crank calls


The Commission on Ethics did not fall for the complaints of this extortionist

So I am certain Suck-up Mayor Lofty will have to do other harm to Miller and McKenzie on behalf of his Befaithful extortionist.

It is sad that throughout all of his life Suck-up Lofty has not learned anything and remains a flim-flam man.

He has been fired more times from his various jobs than most people have in their working lifespan


But to pretend he is a “Sarge” when all he was is an assistant

To pretend that his power in the Town as Mayor has more power than that of other councilors, he is persistent

But what is he really, but a liar, a con-artist and a flim-flam man

Who changes his stories and lies if he’s caught, whenever he can.


He is only a “Puppet” of the Ratt and the “Thugs of Three”

And how did he know he would win well in advance of the election by the powers of be

Obviously he started working on leasing S.H.E. well before the election

So did the election ballots again get fixed by “Cousin” Pam in his Mayoral selection?


Stay away from the Flim-flam-Man, illegal alien Suck-up Mini-Me-Despot Mayor Lofty, the Red-face Ratt and the “Thugs of the Gang of Three”.  You will never receive the Truth but continual lies and deceit.   It’s Day 298 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!   


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