The RHATT Pack Watch Day 299

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 299


Today is Monday, February 18th, Day 299 of the RHATT Pack Watch.

According to Deep Throat, “Cousin” Pam “The Ballot Box Stuffer” has been in a tizzy lately.  One wonders how that could be any worse than any other day.  As the “Watch” has reported “Cousin” Pam’s day is consumed with chain smoking, talks with her daughter, and playing Solitaire on her computer.  Just in case there’s any time left over, she does a little of Town’s financial management.


“Cousin” Pam starts her day with a smoke.  In fact she smokes as much as three quarters of a pack each day.  Mostly outdoors, behind Town Hall.


The Wildlife guys have been capturing 15 to 20 of her smoking breaks a day.  The next highest activity on “Cousin” Pam’s daily agenda is a discussion or two or three with her daughter.  However, “Cousin” Pam has her most enjoyment playing Solitaire.  Word is that “Cousin” Pam plays so many games a day, six to eight, often more, that she’s become fairly proficient at the game.  Apparently there are a great many days when “Cousin” Pam doesn’t do anything more than Smoke, Talk to her daughter, and Play Solitaire.  Well if this is what the White Springs residents receive from “Cousin” Pam for a day’s pay, what more can you expect.


It seems this isn’t the first time “Cousin” Pam has experienced a tizzy.  A few years back “Cousin” Robert was forced out because of his sexual exploitation of HCCI work crews.  That was not a happy time for “Cousin” Pam, or for “Cousin” Shirley for that matter.  While “Cousin” Robert was Town Manager, he wrapped the staff, particularly the competency challenged staff who would look the other way, like “Cousin” Pam in a security blanket.  When “Cousin” Robert left, “Cousin” Pam experienced an apoplectic tizzy.  She wanted and begged everyone to have “Cousin” Robert reinstated, irrespective of his illegal deeds.  Well that didn’t happen..


Next it appears that “Cousin” Pam was attracted to “Cousin” Andrew “The Evidence Destroyer”, another competency challenged staffer with little or nothing to do each day.  “Cousin” Andrew took the task of helping “Cousin” Pam with her computer, that is when she was having trouble with Solitaire or something like that.  As you are aware, “Cousin” Andrew only had an hour or two of work to do at the water and waste water treatment plants a day, before he returned home to watch his favorite soap operas.  So if “Cousin” Pam had a problem, the previous day, or was having one now, she could catch “Cousin” Andrew when he came into Town Hall and implore him to help resolve it before he went home.  Of course, “Cousin” Andrew was only too happy to help.  He became part of the new security blanket.  As long as everything in “Cousin” Pam’s life was stable and she felt like she had a security blanket wrapped around her, he was OK.  Obviously, when “Cousin” Andrew left, so did “Cousin” Pam’s security blanket and with it the return of her tizzy.  She was competency challenged and non-functional before and she’s competency challenged non-functional still.


Aren’t you just so excited to have individuals like “Cousin” Pam serving you?  In addition to doing literally nothing each day, it’s unlikely anything that “Cousin” Pam does get done is done right.  You’ll have an opportunity to change this.  Begin by reporting all corrupt activities to the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  And secondly, recruit two honest, competent and hardworking Candidates for Town Council.  Workout in advance who the TWO will be.  If you offer more than TWO, you’ll dilute the votes and the Ratt will beat you.  Ensure every voter is aware of the Two Candidates and make certain everyone gets out and votes.


It’s time for the long awaited Purge of the Lapdog, the “Gang of Three” and the Ratt.  It’s Day 299 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!

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