The RHATT Pack Watch Day 296

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 296


Today is Friday, February 15th, Day 296 of the RHATT Pack Watch.


Welcome to White Springs, Florida’s Dirty Little Secret; quite possibly the Home of the Worst Administration for Economic Development and Job Creation in the history of the State of Florida.


Have you seen what’s happening through Florida lately?  Just look at Lake City.  The City, County and State work continuously to resolve infrastructure impediments to a better and safer living and working environment.  Yes, they have challenges and differences of opinion, but they have found ways to work together and move forward.  One of the reasons this is working in and around Lake City is they support change.  There’s restoration of existing buildings and facilities as well as new construction.  There’s expansion of existing operations and the opening of new businesses, including production operations, retail stores, healthcare facilities, a host of tourism and hospitality establishments and more


But it’s not just Lake City.  Take a look at Gainesville with over a $ Billion in new investment in the last couple of years.  Or try Jacksonville.  They converted the County into the City, creating the largest city in the state and attracting the most infrastructure funds and new investment in the State.  In fact when you drive to Lake City, or Gainesville, or Jacksonville, or use the Internet to do your shopping, your tax Dollars are helping someone else with costs.  Everywhere, well almost everywhere, in Florida, from Miami to Pensacola, including Urban, Suburban and Rural, small and large Communities are attracting businesses and creating jobs.  The State is booming everywhere.  That is, except for White Springs and Hamilton County.  Why?  Simple, the Red-face Ratt and the “Cousins” don’t want it.


Look at what’s transpired in White Springs in the last few years.  The most significant development was the expansion of Dollar General.  This occurred in spite of the Ratt, the “Cousins” and the Nepotism Authority, not because of them.   Next there’s the liquor store.  A bit controversial, but again, it’s in spite of, not because of the Ratt and the Nepotism Authority.


Oh, the Ratt and the Nepotism Authority will claim they supported a nursing facility where the Old White Springs Motel existed and Black Bay Seafood in the old Dollar General facility.  That’s true, but also what’s true is that they intentionally underfunded both business startups.  It’s the same approach where they screwed-up supporting an Art Smith production facility with inadequate business prowess and funding.  Also, the Ratt pushed one business person out of Town and a second business person is being pushed out and will probably be gone in a couple of months.


Remember in White Springs and in Hamilton County this is not a recent phenomena.  It’s been ongoing for the last four decades and probably longer.  However, for roughly the last four decades, the Nepotism Authority has received about $2,000,000 from the mining severance tax monies, specifically for economic development and job creation in Jasper, Jennings and White Springs.  The Nepotism Authority is run by the Ratt and his “Cousins” and they have stolen and squandered virtually all of those funds.  Why you ask?  Simple, it’s a combination of personal Greed, incompetence and the “Cousins” want to keep you under their Thumb.


From an economic development perspective, Hamilton Couty is very Bad, but White Springs, under the Ratt, his “Gang of Three” and the “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebow has become the Worst of the Worst.     If you relish being under the Ratt’s Thumb, White Springs is the place for you.  However, if you want any possibility for local employment opportunities, or you believe it would be nice to not leave Town every time you need something, then it’s time for change.  Recruit an honest, competent person to replace the Ratt on the Town Council and begin eliminating Town Hall Corruption.  Provide Information and Tips to the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.

It’s time to DUMP the Ratt.  It’s Day 296 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!

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