The RHATT Pack Watch Day 284

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 284


Today is Sunday, February 3rd, Day 284 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


Have you ever wondered what Stacy Tebo thinks about the Town of White Springs. Fortunately, the “Watch” has been observant and has studied her behaviors not only in White Springs but in DeBary and this is most likely her ongoing plan of action.
I am the Ratt’s Lapdog and I am the best money can buy
I have my Masters in Public Administration which is not a lie
No one has to know that I cant apply anything which I have learned
But it doesn’t matter because no one can prove that it wasn’t earned
I should really have my old job in Debary but I couldn’t get Parrot fired fast enough
White Springs is not a place I wish to hang my hat but in the interim, I am no cream puff
The Ratt is my kind of a leader because he is easily manipulated
White Springs cant hire or keep managers for which I am extremely elated
He’s so afraid that if I go,  that they will never find another manager
And if he does not allow me to do as I wish, he knows I will take him down by the glandular
I found it hard to take down former City Manager Parrot because the council turned on me
But because the Ratt is envious of Councilwoman Miller , I luckily have on my side, the “Gang of Three”


They told me that she tries to control all things and they are tired of her scrutiny
So it was my job to get rid of anyone who would follow her and take her down brutally
I really don’t like people because they are so inferior to me and they don’t understand
That my ideas are are the only course to adhere to and it  better work as planned


First I had to be rid of Rivers as the admin because she had too many a friend
Especially with  the Police Department and citizen’s respect for her being a trend
I tried initially to befriend her to see if she might turn her allegiance my way
But she kept taking calls from that horrible Miller and I knew being friends would not pay


It was easy to manipulate, Chief Tracy’s allegiance but the officers minds, I could not concur
Because it seemed like River’s intelligence and charm made everyone want to be near her
They need to adore me, alone and it is not right for others to get all the attention so the pot I must stir
But I am the master of getting my way with emotional outbursts and the poor me’s I infer


I realized that Pam Tomlinson can lie and fabricate stories about anyone she abhors
And what’s so amazing is that she actually believes her lies and will even the scores
Unfortunately during this time, Chief Tracy found a second opioid tablet in the latrine
Which she knew could not be her officers, so I would lie about my arthritis and come clean


After Rivers wrote to the Town Attorney about her being discriminated against, by me
It was time to get The Chief of Police neutered and to get the aid of the “Gang of Three”
We couldn’t tell councilors Miller and McKenzie that council non-approval was our plan
But to get an outside attorney friend of the Ratt’s to make certain we had the right man


Unfortunately  Miller and McKenzie would want to deliberate on the issue
Let’s face it, I am good at scheming and I let the “Gang” know I was being “framed”as I took out a tissue
The truth was that “Cousin” Pam was the one who was allowed to mistreat Anita continually
Which with “Cousin” Pam’s nasty disposition, she could do it habitually


I was cleared and when McKenzie and Miller complained about the almost $26,000 in fees
Koberlein was blamed for hiring an attorney without council approval on which the Ratt did seize
As for me, I am worth everything that the Ratt did to defend me and next was Miller’s eradication
So after we searched for anything we could find to fire Rivers, “Cousin” Pam started work on false litigation.


But then another problem developed relating to Chief Pittman’s wish to remove Greene
And the Red-face Ratt couldn’t allow his favorite BoyToy to be treated badly in such a scheme
So the I, Lapdog went through all of Pittman’s files to see what infractions I could find
To remove Pittman as chief but knowing his benefits I still had to still keep him signed


But it backfired and the only course I and the Ratt had when all firefighters quit
Was to secure a former Chief who disliked me but loved Greene and that was Stith
So to keep Greene as Assistant Chief, the Fire Department was then fully depleted
So then a roster was made of “out of Towners” for which Chief Stith thought no one would notice if he cheated.


Even though I did not get the Council to follow me in DeBary to get rid of my boss
My “Gang of Three” stood by me even though we had no firefighters for over a year, a real loss
But it is not for me to care about these peons in White Springs proper
They do not have the class and are beneath me no matter if it is a lie that’s a real whopper.


I’m angry that with all the work we put in to get rid of Miller in the quasi Judicial hearing
That these people of White Springs somehow managed to again vote for Miller which was less than endearing
Instead I lost my favorite “Sell-out” Willie but at least we got a “Suck-up” Lofty on the board
Who is one of the best pied pipers to get the Blacks to believe his lies and one never gets bored.


He manacles citizens like that lousy blog owner Griffin if they dare to speak badly about the Town
And Lofty has friends like Unfaithful Coker who, with a little money from the Town, will take the non-believers down.
So what if we don’t have children after school and summer programs on the Town’s dime
It’s not up to me to make certain that these brats are taken care of; we don’t care and don’t have the time


And like the Ratt said, the Town owns the wood splitter which was donated by the foundation
Its not up to us to keep these people warm and as far as I am concerned they can all go to damnation
So what if we give watered down spaghetti to the Veterans on Veterans Day
Or we don’t give a good meal to the African Americans on their special day


I am the important one here and it showed when the Gang voted to pay for my legal expense
To go after a Town Council woman, even though that is not the right thing to do as all will express
So what if we did not take care of Public Works in White Springs by hiring someone
The Rhatt and Sell-out Willie asked us to keep paying him cause he couldn’t make a bank run
So they call it embezzlement and wire fraud, but let’s face it “Cousin” Pam fought that he be paid
I am in the clear since the “Gang” and the finance director forged all of his time sheets, so I am not afraid


As long as I am here, I will never replace “Cousin” Pam because it would be a disaster
For years she has not understood how to handle the books much less is she a finance master
If someone would replace her, it would probably be considered corruption or a crime
When they see what we have done to levy the people of this town for years at a time


We all know that the LOFT funds have been misspent
But try to prove that it wasn’t an honest mistake and  others will have to repent
If that doesn’t happen, we always have “Cousin” Ken, who will tell the FBI and the Joint Legislative Audit Committee’s aspirations
That the State of Florida just never made themselves clear and that there is a problem because there is no definition of “Operations”


I have played the “Gang of Three” including the Red-face Ratt like a fiddle
I am good at people feeling sorry for me and all I have to do is get teary eyed a little
And there is nothing the citizens of White Springs Can Do
Even trying to vote for others than the “Gang” and the Ratt will certainly not help you


We control who wins at elections so only those who we choose will win
That means the Ratt, Mindless Vice Mayor Tonja at this election by changing the votes in a whim
We’ve done it before and we will do it again, just ask us
And we do not plan on giving the Citizens relief on their Sewer or Utility taxes


And the Carver School will be demolished one way or another
We didn’t have to tell the Citizens about what we plan to do and that’s our druther
Because the Town owns the property and we have the right to tear it down
No matter how the African Americans may think about the decisions of the Town
And if the Ratt and his “Gang” should ever turn on me
Remember what I did to those people in DeBary you see
Well because of the Ratt’s illicit practices with with younger males which I have detailed
If he causes me problems, I will make certain the Ratt is ultimately by law enforcement nailed


After all, I now have a two year contract and I need four council votes to fire me
And that won’t happen because we control the elections ballots “Cousin” Pam and me
After Miller was elected again, we know “Cousin” Pam dare not make a mistake in counting again
The next time we are looking for a “Gang of Five”
And we can change the votes so that our “Gang” will surely survive


You say you have reported us to the Commission on Ethics and Elections and I say nice Try
Or even try to get us for Violations or Public Corruption through the JLAC or the FBI
But the Ratt has friends in high places and I believe the State’s Attorney will intervene
Like he did when he came to my aid in the injunction against the poor excuse of a human being


In any event if that fails, like in DeBary, I keep notes and dates of what people do in Town Hall
And that includes my dear Ratt and the “Gang of Three” who I would have no problem to blackball.
Just look at my sweet smile and my soft voice telling the FBI how the “Gang” forced me to do what I did so I could save my job
And with a few tears and letting the FBI know, that I was forced to protect such people as “Cousin” Pam and “Cousin” Andrew as they acted like the mob


I surely will be the one who holds all the cards in my favor which are stacked
And if I am fired for some reason I get thirteen weeks of severance pay by contract
Then I will sue the Town for the emotional trauma they have caused me
by forcing me to do things which were against the law and facing criminality


Don’t trust the Lapdog, the Gang of Three nor the Red-face Ratt.  Not to intimidate, but at the election station at the Library, we may have to take a poll of who people voted for so that if our votes are not honored, we will have to report this to the State Elections Commission.   To stop all criminal behavior by the officials and our Town Manager, It is time that you provide information to the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.

Don’t ever trust the Lapdog, Mindless and the Ratt.  Lofty is only their puppet and it is hard to know which one is the most corrupt.  It’s Day 284 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues.






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