The New Firefighter Roster


From what it seems, unless these people moved close to White Springs, we only have Two in White Springs listed on the Roster.  That would Be David Prueter, age 23 and Steven Stith.

Detective Cecil Brownfield now lives in Live Oak but previously resided in Mayo FL where he worked.  Cecil worked under Kevin Pittman, even when he moved to Mayo, but Since Kevin Pittman was removed, he has not used his own time to volunteer in White Springs, but is kept on the Roster.

Chadwick Cowart, age 25 lives in Hillard Florida, previously Callahan.

Jennifer Diaz Paz now lives in Aluachua Florida, previously resided in Gainesville.

Jonathan Dowdy lives in High Springs, Florida

Dominique and Andrew Greene live in Lake City and neither would be construed firefighters even though someone signed of on their certificates.

Elizabeth Harris, support personnel, lives in Green Cove Springs, previously in Micanopy.

Riley McCleister is shown to live in Ft. Lauderdale but previously lived in Plantation and Jacksonville.

James Tannachion lives in Lake City FL

Barron Warner lives in Lawtey FL, previously lived in Lake City.


I know one can’t ask for Addresses but if the Council is so happy with the lies given to us by Steve Stith, I would question if all of these people are Century Employees and work for other Fire Departments.  It appears we do not have three in White Springs and White Springs Does not answer calls!

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  1. DidnDidn’t Stacy tebo remove Pittman for supposedly lieing to her. If that is the case then why the hell is Stith still here he has lied time an time again not only to her but to the entire town. Shouldn’t that be reason enough for her to remove him he is not a firefighter anyone can buy a tshirt an wear it it takes a real man to run into hells flames. Remove Stith an The Greens let the county step in an run the department an maybe this town will be able to get more then 2 people who live in town to be on the department. I don’t think having someone who lives over 45 miles away an sone as 2 hours away should be on the department. Stand up White Springs let your voices be heard demand change fight for what is right your Life Depends on it If you are ok with putting your life enjeporty or your kids by not standing up to these liers then you are fools.

  2. Mr. Dumass, you might want to get the facts correct before you start running that gator. Diaz lives in White Springs, Dowdy lives in Ft. White, McCleister lives In Lake City, Harris lives in White Springs. Mr. Brownfield, Mr. Tannachion, Ms.Harris, both Mr and Mrs Greenes and Mr. Prueter do not work for me. Please make sure you post your mistakes. Thank you Sir

  3. By the way Steve, I , Karin investigated where these people lived. And you obviously did not provide updated information to the Town because the aforementioned was what Pam Gave us. I don’t mind being called a DumbAss but buddy, you are one too if you think any of the citizens in White Springs Support you when you don’t answer calls and dont have Kevin Pittman’s qualification s nor his leadership skills. It’s so obvious, even your Century Workers despise you but need a job, so how dumb are you or do you need the money so bad, that you continue to be here when we don’t want you and never did. Or I should say before I knew about your sex parties and your lies I actually did, but no longer buddy! You’re on your own.

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