The Council didn’t know it but they set a policy; any employee who becomes ill and has no more leave will be paid anyway until they retire

So far the Town runs amuck by allowing Stacy Tebo to do as she wishes.without Council Approval.  Amuck because she is actually attacking the very standards of White Springs and Spencer Lofton, Rhett Bullard and Tonja Brown allow Tebo to do so.
Now we know the personnel manual has not been amended in any manner whatsoever.  Furthermore the manual is not adhered to relative to Leave and Sick Leave.  Now it does state that after that time, the supervisor of Department Head may approve sick leave at their discretion….based on the employee’s performance.  But I do not believe it was the intention of the personnel manual’s statement to allow someone to be paid for two years….especially without council approval.


The entire Town Council should have been advised that Kenny Hutcherson was unable to work.  Now the Town could continue with Medical Benefits until Kenny applied for disability insurance and Medicare or Medicaid….but no, the Town paid Kenny for two years, and besides that when Townsend was manager, $21,457 was paid to Hutcherson in 2008 in one lump sum which represented pay for one half of the hours of leave up to that time.  But who supervised Hutcherson?  Who knew when he took leave whether sick or other leave such as Stacy Tebo does.  But the difference between Hutcherson and Tebo is that Hutcherson is NOT a contract employee.
Now council has the right to change policies, ordinances and may adopt any standard code of technical regulations….but who in the Council knew that we were paying Hutcherson?  The only thing we knew is that Richard Marshall once said Kenny was sick at the council meeting at the beginning of 2018, I believe and he said he would mow or assist in some way.  But really, maybe only weekly payments were being made of under Stacy Tebo’s threshhold of $2,500 but the fact that it continued for two years, essentially took over $100,000 from the citizens and furthermore, the work wasn’t done because no one else was hired.   And with respect to such Public thoroughfares, etc, the Council is responsible for making decisions.  THIS COUNCIL DID NOTHING ABOUT IT AND I WOULD BELIEVE THE GANG OF THREE BROWN, BULLARD AND LOFTON KNEW HE WAS GETTING PAID FOR NOT WORKING.


So since no policy has been set by the Council to date, and since the Council does not require the Town Manager to follow Federal Labor Laws, and since the council has set a precident in the Hutcherson case, I guess if Pam becomes ill and she takes a lot of time off as it is, and she cannot work, the Town will have to also pay Pam Tomlinson for two years since she is not a contract employee like Tebo is; or perhaps they will keep paying until her death?


Then there’s the case of Rodriquenz who could not work for a year.   I am certain she was paid and fortunately we had a lieutenant who was smarter than she was by 1000 percent and we didn’t miss her one iota….so I guess since Rodriquenz was paid, it is the Policy of this Town Council to pay employees not only for their leave, but to keep paying them until they are able to come back to work, or if they finally retire , or they die?


And I say this to all the councilors, not only the Gang of Three but McKenzie and Miller.  We need a policy.  We cannot have our town manager go amuck when there is policy in place by the council and rules in the Charter.  This payment for not working is a violation of each of your fiduciary duties.   For an attorney, Rhett Bullard doesn’t know his head from his butt and it will get him in trouble at some point fairly soon.


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