Its been 24 hours since the Wednesday night Special Meeting let out and so I’ve calmed down enough to write this story.

Last night the Council got a dose of their own medicine.  After 10 to 15 years of ineptitude on the part of the council they got to see some of the anger that has built up in the Town due to inattention to the public and especially those in the public who volunteer their time and energies to serve on committees that have been designed to bring government closer to the people. Last night was the Special Events Committee and the Wild Azalea Festival.

Walter was in a wet dream last night. He got to run the show and Helen, purportedly because she couldn’t speak, just sat there and let him dig his hole while the citizens told him and the rest of the Council what was wrong with the council. (Of course Helen’s voice problem didn’t stop her from having out of the sunshine conversations with the attorney and Tommie and some of the rest of the Council members.) But I digress from the story.  We have believed that the problem with the town was the citizens not willing to get involved.

Last night we saw citizens who are involved in the town get lectured to by  Walter and a few other Council members. It’s not the Special Events Committee that was wrong Walter it was you and a do nothing Council. The Council has not provided direction and guidance to the volunteers. You sat up on your high horse and actually lectured the involved citizens on what they should have done. And just to spread the stupidity around, Tommie’s “I’m not going to do that.” didn’t help anything.

Volunteers are an asset to the town not some slaves and non-hired help that you can just order around with after the fact instruction. Not one time in two and a half hours did Walter say “What can we as a Council do to help  you help us.” NOT ONCE. It was always you needed to do this and you needed to do that. Some leadership. When Tommie said “I’m not going to do that” Walter should have piped up and said something to effect of “That’s  your job to help our volunteers.” But no, the volunteers got chastised for not doing it right when it was abundantly clear that most of them, all of them, didn’t know what the Council expected of them. That’s not leadership, that’s lack of leadership. Walter should have help them instead of lecturing them about what he and the rest of the Council thought.

But what do you expect of someone who has been on the Council for more than 16 years and, due to his inattention, has steadily taken the town into near bankruptcy. NO Walter the fault isn’t with the Volunteers  it is with you. Money wouldn’t have been a problem if you, just once or twice in your 16 years, had showed some financial integrity. The reason we’re broke is because of you and your other Council members who have been on the council for 8 years or more. You guys have gotten so stale you stink. Just when I start to think that maybe the   problem is me and my bride’s continually harping about how bad things are, the problem gets shown in all its glory by an egotistical buffoon who can’t think of anything other than to BLAME volunteers for your own lack of leadership and concern. I believe you are a fraud and we saw last night what a fool you are.

Volunteers we truly appreciate your work for the town. I know no one, especially Walter, didn’t say that last night. In a small town such as ours being on a committee is not something for glory, it is straight helping the community. But the Council, lead by Helen and Walter,  instead have let their positions go to their heads and have stolen the GLORY from the Volunteers. The Council members are  supposed to be public servants. Instead, our council has deemed themselves RULERS of the town, high on their horses with Glory.  Instead of saying what can we do to help you Walter and the rest of the Council, especially Helen and Tonja (16 years, 8 years and 8 years on the council) think their fecal material doesn’t stink. The idea of being servant to the people Walter and Helen think they are beyond criticism. For proof look at how you have treated Tonja. “We know what is best for the town” you say but that is patently a lie. INstead of looking for alternate views you think someone with alternate views is the enemy. Tonja needed a bit more time to look at a Citizen’s Complaint and you got your minions to try and oust her from the Council. You should embrace alternate opinions but no, you ridicule people who are a lot smarter than you are at following the law for being so learned. Not ONE law have you followed in your 16 years.

And two more thoughts, alluded to priory in this tirade, you who are all so dumb in business, shouldn’t be mishandling the town’s funds, not that you have left much to be dealt with. Instead of looking for more power you should be consciously looking for people to guide you in your quest for servanthood. But NO you are all Kings and Queens and not to be told you are in violation of the Town Rules and the State Laws. You can and HAVE squandered the town treasury for your own selfish purposes not the least of which is and expenditure on Legal assistance. It have never occurred to you because you see your ego’s are so big that you think, proven last night in spades, that you are beyond being questioned. It has never occurred to you that if you where a little more sensitive to the Law and common decency that you wouldn’t need so much of a Attorney’s time.

Last thought. One of the biggest ways you have squandered money is by hiring the worse and the dumbest instead of the best and the brightest. As proof I offer Stacy Tebo, Pam Tomlinson, Steve Stith and Tommie Jones. In the three years of DARKNESS of Tebo’s rule not once did you, as a council, say this isn’t working. We need a change. Instead you offered her a two year contract. Walter, as chief Stacy supporter, you are truly an idiot. It’s not that the public didn’t try and tell you but 25 times you, Walter, voted to dismiss a Citizen’s Complaint against Tebo and Pam and thought nothing of it. Your recent “Come to Jesus” feeling about wasteful spending is Ludicrous. In 16  years you could have thought once, nary a time, of wasting the town’s finds. And your Statement “We didn’t Know” is laughable. You and Helen and to a certain extent Tonja need to go. Maybe this election will finally free us of your ignorance and stupidity.






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