Thank You to all who petitioned for a better government

We wish to thank all of you who are petitioning for a better government in White Springs.  We also wish to thank those who have done much of the leg work like Thomas Brazil, Tom Moore, Nikki Williams and others who believe in a better White Springs.  We also thank Thomas Brazil and the other firefighters who have given us insight so that we could fight the good fight.  You are amazing Mr. Brazil for putting up with my requests for help and insight when I am at an impasse.  You are a great person who we appreciate and admire for your dedication of your brothers and the Town.

I have learned that some of the citizens who signed are or were concerned about being retaliated against.  Yet there are more of us than there are of them.   We stand for a better government and after seeing what Rhett Bullard has allowed the others to do to our Town, we are angry and will fight to the end.

We want Kevin Pittman back as our Fire Chief and all of his firefighters.

We would love to see the Town stand up for the citizens and remove Andrew and Mrs. Greene from the Fire Department. We do not need an assistant fire chief because from what I have seen and heard we have leaders in each of our fire fighters whose experience far exceeds that of Andrew Greene.

We would like the second SUV at the fire station to be used by the volunteers for fires.  Andrew Greene may no longer use the fire truck for his personal use.

We wish family activities where the town can participate as one instead of segregation.  The firemen did  this for all of us when they participated in a haunted house.

We wish for the Town of White Springs to allow the Fire Fighters to earn their own funds without the Town taking those funds over.  Ie; pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, and a fireman’s ball.

We wish not only the Fire Chief paid but also a stipend to each of the firefighters every time they answer a call so it assists them with fuel, maintenance and depreciation on their own vehicles.

If a police officer/firefighter goes out on calls they also should receive additional pay.

We wish to spend less money on legal fees and more on the families in White Springs

We wish our Town Manager’s contract to be terminated and for Ms. Hatton to make a case against Ms. Tebo’s breaches of her contract so that she does not get the 13 weeks of severance..

We wish the “Power of Three” eliminated and their posts repealed.

We wish for Dr. Miller to win her suit against the Town and be awarded her council seat so that she may make the necessary changes which will save us money in the long run such as contract employees for certain jobs, removing Andrew Greene as utility director; retiring Pam Tomlinson, appointing Officer Meeks as our chief of police and providing increases based upon performance rather than laziness and inefficiency.

We wish the community center to be a community center.  A place where people may be comfortable in, during times where power is out;  a place to play cards; a place to dance; a place to enjoy each other’s company.  It may also serve as a place to serve meals to the elderly once or twice a week by volunteers to assure everyone has something to eat;  We need to celebrate each other and care for each other’s needs.

Where would we be if the Republicans and Martin Luther King did not go out of their way to fight for your ancestor’s equal rights?  Where would we be if Patriots had not placed their lives on the line to get our freedom from Britton?  Nowhere!

Some people like the Bullards and the Greenes have been here for years.  They do not wish for new people to move into White Springs or the economy to grow by bringing in businesses.  They would rather not follow laws and leave things as they have been 40 or more years ago.  And if they give you a few trinkets or a bit of money or beer, they feel that they are keeping the population under control.

These people who have remained in the area for years believe in the Good Ole Boy system and if they could run things as they did when plantations were used to enslave others, they would do so and ask yourself, just what have these good ole boys done for you?

Yet among those who have wronged us there are some good people who have helped all of us along the way and who do not judge us.  These people have been here for years but welcome new ideas and treat others with respect. Unfortunately within White Springs proper, those who are officials now, with the exception of possibly Walter McKenzie who now has learned to fight for what is right and for the law, have hurt our town by using tax dollars for their and those who are their friend’s benefit..  However, Mr. McKenzie does need to bring forth some fresh ideas or allow another councilor run who can.

Thanks again to all of you patriots who wish to make a difference and to bring our town to a better place and to end corruption.  Be assured that Joe and I are fighting for each of you in the manner in which we can and I have received a notice for additional information on my ethics complaint against Mr. Bullard.  Since he has cost our town so very much money in his protection of Stacy Tebo, I hope that the commission will make him pay back all the money he has taken from our budget for both attorneys Larkin  and Elkind.  None of this was necessary except for his deep hate of individuals who dare stand up to him.


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