Subject and 119 Request for Tommie

First and foremost is we now have a procedure, practice and a precedence for handling citizens complaints, Thank you for that bit of GREAT news. Whenever I have a complaint against a senior staff member or a member of the council I WILL DEMAND that it be handled in the same way it was handled tonight, warts and all.

119 Request

.I want a copy of each bill the County Line Dessign Businesss Services has sent the town for Mr. Jones’ services a a consultant for the town of White Springs.

I want a copy of all of Mr. Jones’ responsibilities as Town Manager. You might copy the Charter for the response to this request.

I want to see the job responsibilities of our three Consultants, Mr. Davis, Ms. LOgan, and Mr. Whitehead, and how they stack up agsainst the job responsibilities of Mr. Jones specifically what decisions can they make for the town and hiring and firing Procedures and responsibilities. Include in this list the Town budget keeping responsibilities of each of the three Consultants.

I want to see the justification for allowing Tommie to not fill out a Job Application, have a background check and a drug sccreen. What is Tommie hiding.? If nothing then why is he refusing to fill out an applicatiion, do a drug screen or have a background check. All prior town managers have fulfilled these requests and obligations, why not Mr. Jones?

I want to see all paperwork on the searching for a new Town Manager, specifically any and all advertizements for the position.

Joe Griffin
Citizen Activist

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