Mr. Dumass, you might want to get the facts correct before you start running that gator. Diaz lives in White Springs, Dowdy lives in Ft. White, McCleister lives In Lake City, Harris lives in White Springs. Mr. Brownfield, Mr. Tannachion, Ms.Harris, both Mr and Mrs Greenes and Mr. Prueter do not work for me. Please make sure you post your mistakes. Thank you Sir


  1. According TO THE STUPID ONE WE HAVE TWO MEMBERS OF THE VOLUNTEER FIRE CREW WHO LIVE IN WHITE SPRINGS. Both are FEMALE and both have not attended any of six Fires in the last 90 days. Go figure Stupid One. Resign now, the heat is just starting. If you can’t stand the HEAT get back in the Kitchen.

  2. Diaz and Dowdy are NOT certified volunteer firefighters. The question posed by the Council was how many certified firefighters live within 5 miles of Town and the answer by Steve was 4 a bold face lie. Sounds to me Steve needs to get his facts straight.

  3. Try again. According to the posted roster Dowdy is a certified volunteer firefighter.

      1. Joe Senior, you must be so proud to have a bi-sexual idiot as your son. I know I would be proud of him for what he has accomplished here in White Springs. It’s not that he had a lot of help (joke). He got every break in the book and still couldn’t handle a little “heat”.

  4. Just look at the facts folks Steve lied to everyone an he knows it everyone with half a brain knows it thats what he is good at just asked his employees they will tell you the same thing. Facts facts facts people thats what we need to look the facts. Steve took over a year ago or so in that time more then 16+ calls all during the night have gone unanswered by the department and its members. The only time anyone has seen anyone at that building is when it has been some kind of event or it was steve having his few people there putting on a show. Speaking with an EMS employee of Hamilton there has not been a member show up to that station in months yes one might have been in there but not as a firefighter but as a cop because one of the firefighters is a part time cop with White springs. We need more facts. Hey Steve nice job calling someone a dumbass that is real professional you are a clown Step down from your high horse an leave the department do us all that favor take your little bitch Andrew with you. STAND UP CITIZENS OF WHITE SPRINGS take back your town.

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