Stand-up Citizen reports the Steve Show

Holy crap do you see the show Steve put on today having some of his members show up today at the station just 2 days before a very important meeting on Tuesday. This guy is one big joke he thinks by having people show up one day in the past few months that’s supposed to mean something we still don’t have active people who live in town or close by town who could fire a fire hell just the other night where was everyone O thats right nowhere to be found. Steve just give up no one likes you, you are an a$$hole take your little D!@khead Fu#$ boy Andrew with you an leave this town alone along with the fire department anyone who would put there trust in the both of you in a fire is just a plain old fool. What is it going to take for you to quit the department just tell us so we can get it done and start fresh. Do us all that favor.

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