Rhett I believe is burnt out and doesn’t know what cocaine is doing to him which affects others

Many of you who know Rhett Bullard from High School, College and beyond have reported his continual use of cocaine.  The one thing I have noticed, especially in the last four years is that he is extremely talkative, energetic and confident that he is correct about legal issues, when he appears to not even understand them.


Since cocaine is a stimulant, it typically causes the person using it to be very talkative, energetic and confident. It also creates a sense of improved well-being, which can lead them to be social, excitable and even more sexual which may be the current problem with his sexual proclivities.


People on cocaine may seem “pumped up” for no reason at all. Sometimes he acts as if he is invincible, but he is not.  We do not know if he has disrupted sleep patterns but he doesn’t appear as if he has an appetite and his pupils seem dilated. Behavioral signs of cocaine use include paranoia, excessive aggression, lack of judgement, delusional thoughts and hallucinations.  And, I have seen this when he played judge and jury with regard to Joe Griffins complaints and how he reacted at Councilwoman Miller’s hearing.  But this carries on at most meetings, whether in Jasper, where Rhett is the Town Attorney and in White Springs, where he placed his puppet Lofty in Charge, but frequently takes over meetings with his antics and criticisms of whomever would question him or condemn his “gangs’ actions.


I tend to not get very near him but most users have some small trace presence of cocaine appearing around the nose.  When there is a break for a long drawn meeting, he is one of the first to race to the restroom, and upon returning he is in the energetic and confident state.  We are unaware whether he has a runny nose or nosebleeds but for the time in which he has been a user, it is certain this must be happening to him in his private time.


One of the main tell-tale signs of cocaine use is the presence of small, trace amounts of white powder appearing around their nose. Sometimes when people are on cocaine, they will also get a runny nose. If someone uses cocaine for a long period of time, they may get nosebleeds frequently.

It is noted when his adoptive sister is at a meeting, Rhett seems to go on a lower key, but even the last time she attended, he acted with anxiety and hostilities to some extent.  One just can’t hide continual usage.


It seems as though his face becomes more nearly red-burgandy throughout the years.  At one time, his face turned red when he lied like the Pinocchio syndrome.  Now he appears to be red frequently whether or not he is lying and one wonders if this high blood pressure is a physical symptom which may in time lead to a very serious or deadly health condition like cardiac arrest or a heart attack.


When someone is on cocaine over a long period of time, there may be more behavioral indications that they have a substance abuse problem. But one most distinctively applies to Rhett Bullard and that is his moodiness when the effects of the drug begin to diminish, where he becomes hostile and aggressive which has been noticeable in his actions toward councilors McKenzie and Miller.  Since he has used cocaine or crack for so long he will develop anxiety and depression over time which is noticeable today.


When he becomes agitated, his voice changes to a rapid “gay” type language which he has been trying to hide previously.  I have had friends who have been gay most of my life, and all of them seem to live a normal life, including one boss I had, but there is something very different with Rhett Bullard.  He isn’t like others who have a partner in life who they care fore and not a one that I knew of ever was on illegal drugs.


I believe the demise of White Springs has a lot to do with Rhet Bullard’s use of cocaine.  And it is hoped that the members of the “Watch” may be wrong that he has HIV because if he does it is not only dangerous to those he has sexual relations with but possibly to citizens.  Walter McKenzie was brave at a meeting when he dropped his water bottle onto the floor.  Rhett quickly picked up the bottle and gave it to Water.  I would have never drunk from it because one does not know what secretions may be on his hands if he has HIV.


I also remember at the last meeting before the Miller hearing, that Attorney Koberlein who was sitting by Rhett, had a stone cold posture, did not appear to speak with him or get close to him so I am certain others may be concerned.  In an area like this, word gets out.


But with Rhett’s addiction, there most likely is no hope for him to go cold turkey or get assistance, so we have to put up with this anxiety, and aggressive and hostile attitudes until he is voted out of office or someone like the FBI gets wind of what is happening here.



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