On Tuesday April 23rd the town will decide whether the corruption continues or whether we want to have a lawful town with no  stealing of government funds from one account to another.

If you want to run against Rhett or Tonja here is what you’ve got to do. Pick up your election packet now until noon on March 29th, a Friday. You want to do it sooner because you must get 15 names on your petition for election. It will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $15.00 filing fee. Once you have your packet you will need to open a bank account for your campaign expenses. You must open the bank account whether you are going to spend any money of not on your campaign. Then you gotta get your 15 signatures.

If you are not sure whether a person is a registered voter call me, I’ve got the list and will tell you if your signature is a registered voter. Now this is very important. You must fill out all boxes on the Petition form INCLUDING THE DATE OF THE SIGNATURE. We lost a fine candidate last election because Pam decided not to allow a signature for a voter because the signature block didn’t have the date filled out on it. Therefore the attempted candidate was one signature short and thus didn’t qualify. Thank you Pam.

Then you’ve got to campaign. You can campaign for yourself or you can campaign against both of the incumbents who have gotten us into the legal, ethical and moral morass that we, as a town, find our self in. Rhett and Tanja are the incumbents, Don’t know whether either or both will seek reelection. They both been on the Council for eight years or more and it is time for them to go.

We will, as a town, never improve or stop the loss of businesses with the same people at the helm of the Town Council. WE, as a town, will never cease illegally spending Local Option Fuel Taxes for lawyers and other waste of monies. We might even get someone who cares about White Springs, which to this reporter, Rhett and Tanja don’t. They seem to only care about maintaining their position. Hell Tanja can’t even read and she is the Vice Mayor.

This blog will gladly print any article any candidate or any citizen may want to publish about any candidate. The blog will be busy I am sure. If you are a candidate and wish to advertise on the blog feel free to submit a paper with what you want to say. It will be printed verbatim as long as it has your name attached to it. Other citizens need only submit their opinions. They will be published.


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