Proof positive that our Code Enforcement Officer didn’t learn a thing when the Town sent her to school.

Remember a few months back, When Mayor Lofton decided he was going to be in the office for citizens Monday, Wednesday and Friday, to answer all our questions?   At that time you will recall that I provided photographs of our neighbor’s rotten tree, which lost it’s branches, one of which took the back window of my van and cost over $300 to repair.  After that happened, for a week or so, other branches fell on the sidewalk behind our cars and again very near to my van.  The dents from the fallen Tree are still visible because I elected to leave it as is, if the Town of White Springs did something about through code enforcement.  Granted there was no code enforcement officer at the time, but I provided Mayor Lofton with Two copies, one which he wrote on and a clean copy which he could provide to Ms. Tebo to assure something would be done about the tree.

Mayor Lofton then quickly told us that it was not the Town’s duty to do something about the tree which is bending over power lines and which will fall toward the street knocking power lines down  Lofton told us to call the Power Company.

So, even though it was not Duke Energy’s problem, we discussed it with them.  And we were questioned, “Don’t you have a code enforcement officer?  When advising no they advised it should go to the officials in White Springs.

Well our neighbors from California were in Town this week.  Apparently Sharon or  Sharon and Jamie met with our so called trained code enforcement officer, Shonda Werts.  Sharon indicated that Wert’s  wasn’t too bright on the issue….which Joe got in trouble for for telling Shonda Werts outright.

Now didn’t we hear that Ms. Werts went to Code Enforcement school?  I’m sure the Town paid for her education.  But this is what happened.  Sharon was told by Ms. Werts that it was not a problem of the Town, but rather Sharon should go and make a report to Duke Energy.  Really? This is the Town’s problem.  There have now been two complaints and neither Lofton or Ms. Werts or our Town Manager have done anything about this rotten tree.

Now this is the situation.  Although branches are falling our way, the main tree is bending toward the power lines and will take out the lines on both sides of the street, most likely starting a fire and possibly the power lines jumping around in the street will electrify or kill someone, or possibly one of our pets.  Furthermore, Sharon and Jamie have renovated their house, had it painted and within a week or so ago, placed a new roof on the house and soon will be having a deck built.  If a fire starts, and we have no fire department….  Remember when neither Andrew or Steve would come to the fire caused by electrical wires across from Town hall?  Well Tom Brazil had to assist with the situation and Andrew didn’t even get out of his shiny red Fire Emergency Vehicle.

To add further flame to this situation, our Neighbor who will not cut down his rotten tree, requested Jamie and Sharon cut down a tree he said was rotten (which was more alive than the one between our properties).   They did.  But when our neighbor was asked by Jamie and Sharon, he ignored them and I know he reads our blog.

The only saving grace since citizens cannot depend on the Town because all they have are ignorant people who don’t know how to do their jobs, is the fact that after our call, Two  reps from Duke Energy came by with their truck and possibly took a photo because they parked by the Tree.  Furthermore by apprising Duke Energy, and with them checking the condition of the Tree, not only will the neighbor be liable for any damage or injury or death, but also the Town of White Springs since there have been two complaints already.

So  much for Werts saying she was sorry that Joe felt that she didn’t know how to do her job, but unfortunately, even after schooling, she obviously did not learn what she must do by education or reading the ordinances.   As for Lofton, I do not believe he is bright enough to determine law, so here we have it….people hired or elected who haven’t a clue about representing the citizens of White Springs.


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