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JUST IN: Trey Gowdy ARREST Announcement… Oh My Gosh

Oh wow.


[BREAKING]: Dead Body Found… Trump Is…

This is shocking.

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BREAKING: RESIGNATION Announcement – Chuck Schumer Is…

Good riddance.

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You’re About To See This Tiny Device In Everybody’s House

Video: Just Another Night on the (Unsecured) Texas Border as Hundreds Flood in Unimpeded

Activists Arrested for Scaling Immoral Wall at California Governor’s Mansion

People Are Leaving New Jersey in Insanely High Numbers

Congressional Research Service: Trump Can Build the Wall without a National Emergency or Any Additional Action from Congress. Period.

Why Does The US Government Do This To Its Own Citizens?


BREAKING: Laura Ingraham Shock Announcement – Media Stunned

This is real.

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Breaking News…

Thinning Hair? Pour This On Your Head And Watch What Happens (sponsor)

Bishop of Covington CONFESSES Why He Condemned MAGA Kids

Elizabeth Warren says capitalism without rules is theft

Three Years After Obama’s Global Warming Speech, His Hometown Is Facing Coldest Weather Ever

Terrence Williams and Michael Loftus Crack Wise on The Democrats

WARNING: Don’t File Social Security Benefits Until You See This(sponsor)


BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Collapses On Air… Details Released

It’s over.

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BREAKING NEWS: Justice Ginsburg Has Just… Oh No.

Oh no – this is bad.

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BREAKING: Tucker Carlson BAN Announcement – He’s Done

This is a surprise.

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BREAKING NEWS ALERT – Shock Supreme Court Decision

It’s happening.

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BREAKING: George Soros CAUGHT – He’s Ruined

Knew it!

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JUST IN: Don Trump Jr. Gets INDICTMENT News – This Is Awful

Oh no!

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BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway KNOCKOUT – It Just Happened


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Pompeo: Team Heading to Asia for 2nd Trump-Kim Summit

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says he is sending a team “someplace in Asia” to set up a second summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by the end of February.

Pompeo told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday evening his team is “headed that way now to lay the foundations” for steps toward the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, hopefully paving the way for a “brighter future for the North Korean people.”

And Trump tweeted on Wednesday, “I look forward to seeing Kim Jong Un shortly. Progress being made — big difference!” However, earlier this week Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told Congress that intelligence information does not support the idea that Kim will eliminate his nuclear weapons or the capacity for building more.

BREAKING: Mueller Gets The News…He’s DONE

This is shocking.

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BREAKING: Ruth Ginsburg Has Just Been Declared… [ALERT]

Her supporters are reeling.

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BREAKING: Kellyanne Conway FIRING Announcement [Alert]


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Donald Trump News
President Donald Trump early Thursday argued on Twitter for construction of a wall at the nation’s southern border, calling on lawmakers to quit “playing political games.”

“Large sections of WALL have already been built with much more either under construction or ready to go,” Trump tweeted.

“Renovation of existing WALLS is also a very big part of the plan to finally, after many decades, properly Secure Our Border. The Wall is getting done one way or the other! [Let’s] just call them WALLS from now on and stop playing political games! A WALL is a WALL!”

The tweets come after House Democrats Wednesday presented a border plan that did not provide any funding for the wall, arguing that the money would be spent better in other security measures.

BREAKING – [News Alert] – Barack Obama Has Been Seriously…

This just in…

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BREAKING: Shock Melania Discovery…The Rumors Are True


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Breaking news from Wired Conservative

It’s Scary How Many People Are Still Paying For Cable

Pelosi to Block State of the Union Despite Trump Reopening the Government

Clinton Insiders Say She’s Close to Announcing a Third Run at the White House

Long-Term, How Do We Live with the Sorts of People Who Smeared the Covington Teens?

Roger Stone Indictment Proves (Again) There Was No Trump-Russia Collusion

What Other Old Wives Tales Are As True As This One?

BREAKING: Fox News Star BETRAYS Trump… Stuns Nation

This is shocking!

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