Mrs. Brazil keeps working on every project given to her

Beverly Brazil is a genuine asset to the White Springs Administration.  She seems to handle a multitude of varying work and now has been asked to retain one and delete the other two Facebook pages for the Town of White Springs.  


Apparently there is one amazing lady who has been working on the firefighters pages and she will be assisting Mrs. Brazil.   Hopefully we won’t have to find White Springs under “Admin” in the future but rather the “Town of White Springs”.


She also must find out what our agreement is with Tim Trot who handles the Town of White Springs website.

This task could be easily handled by Mr. Jones, but currently he is too busy with other projects and Mrs. Brazil is not afraid of any task given to her. She has handled many of Pam’s duties including recording and preparing the minutes of our meetings.

Our various problems are being handled one by one by Mrs. Brazil.  She’s amazing!

Since she is a volunteer, make sure you thank her for her service because without her our Town Manager would have great difficulties since Pam Tomlinson is still out on FMLA, I believe, until next week.

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