Miller’s 2014 Campaign Material addressed these things

This is what Helen Miller’s 2014 Campaign Material Said

One thing we noted was that Miller’s favorite word was “I” as in I did this and I did that. She talks about team work but doesn’t mention anything about the council. She is a fraud and a fake.

Most of what she claims in 2014 that she has done are those things she hopes to accomplish working with the Town coffers:.

#1 Working to Keep SHE open.  This failed due to the deteriorating conditions of SHE.  She attempted to start a Charter School but unfortunately did not have the ability necessary of how to start one, or perhaps she did not wish to..  And when Martha Butler attempted to assist her by outlining what information was required, through Joe Griffin, it was not followed through by Miller or her attorney

#2 Water and Sewer Rates.  She VOTED Five Times to raise the Sewer Rates. The last of which was on March 11th 2014, that’s right, within the past 45 days she had an opportunity to eliminate the sewer increase but voted NO!   The Bond Market didn’t tank as she contends. The Money Market type fund the town was in, by her choice, lost not principal, which went up, but return, interest earned. She talks about Courage and I am here to tell you that courage had nothing to do with it. She convinced the rest of the Council to raise the budget around 25% year. In short she did nothing to lower the Sewer Rates.

#3 Infrastructure Improvements. The way to improve the town she contends is to spend more money, money we don’t have. The Council voted to borrow 3 Million dollars for wastewater rehabilitation. Therefore in order to  fund the “borrowing” the Sewer Rate increase must remain the same for the foreseeable future, meaning years. Yet in 2015, at a meeting she stated we had the $250,000 required as our contribution but we found out later that there was no money and Manager Farley went before the Hamilton County Development Authority for $250,000 and was denied with $25,000 offered a year after.

#4 Job Creation.  At the time Joe said” Name me three jobs she has created in the four years as Mayor. Except for government workers she can’t name a one I bet. The rest of her “achievements” are all “PIE IN THE SKY” future events all of which will cost the taxpayer’s money”.

#5 HOPE PROGRAM.  Miller did assist with these programs but allowed Lofton to handle children which caused major problems.  Yet she had a benefactor that provided $15,000 annually. Then the food bank program was eliminated because Richard Marshall brought up the fact that money was spent to UF which had not been approved by the council, and a $2,000 check for the HOPE program from PCS Nutrien was misspent instead of going to the program. Because of the assistance of Ms. Williams and Ms. Rivers in introducing BeFaithful Coker into Miller’s life, Miller’s benefactor was lost in recent days.  She again has started the program with the help of the two former ladies and council members but it is no longer on the auspices of the Town of White Springs.

#6 DEO Competitive Florida Partnership. We are not certain how this helps White Springs residents. Yes we got a small grant out of the deal but that was it.

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