May Day is not organized and Town is not agreeing to take on the liability or the cost

JoJo Byrden was first to speak at the White Springs Council meeting.  He said he was ill and could not wait until the May Day event was discussed later in the meeting.  He said he was sure the Town would give him whatever money they would give him so they can buy what they need.   Prior to that he indicated there would be three acts on Friday Night consisting of Jazz bands.

When this came up later in the meeting, there was discussion that even though the May Day Event is not a Town Event, Mr. Byrden’s assumption that Special Events was going to take over the responsibilities since there was no listing of events was unacceptable.  Furthermore, the Chief of Police advised that the Sheriff’s Department will no longer come to White Springs, unless an officer is in trouble.  Chief Rodriquenz said our Town has given $25,000-35,000 in Security and manpower for the May Day Event and she cannot continually ask and expect outside law enforcement to assist, without being reimbursed. And furthermore, she will not nor the White Springs Police Department.

You will recall that Mr. Byrden was the one who has demanded that the community center for which we have received a CBDG in the amount of $600,000 be changed to a hurricane proof building and the Town does not have the additional funds to do so and the construction is on hold for now.

And I have always added that the May Day event has never provided their own Special Event coverage so that the Town is not continually liable..

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