Little Rhett may have a problem; there are only so many officials he can buy

Have you noticed who has been checking out the Streets and Roads in White Springs last Week?   What you may not know is that Joe has been working closely with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) relating to the misuse of Local Option Fuel Tax funds.  In fact,  FDOT has been assisting Joe with the various names of individuals who he should contact at the State who may investigate the money which has been stolen from YOU and used for designer water, designer clothing, salaries and legal expenses so that Rhett Bullard, Stacy Tebo and Pam Tomlinson could spend the LOFT funds as they wish, to keep everything afloat.


At the last Council Meeting, you may have noticed that the Rhett Bullard was extremely proud of the fact that although various agencies have been contacted, he gloated that none of the agencies have contacted White Springs to explain that such LOFT funds have been misused.  It was then that Joe brought forward four Attorney General Opinions since the Town’s new policy allows a citizen to bring forward information if it relates to a Topic being discussed.  Joe was not allowed to provide Mayor Lofty with the attorney General Opinions or to even speak. When  Lofty refused, I, Karin,  came up and asked whether Lofty would recognize me since I had not previously spoken before the Council.  I was denied and by that time, a Police officer was called to escort us out of Town Hall.  Mayor Lofty refused to take the paperwork I offered  even though it is welcomed by the new Town Council Policy to provide additional paperwork for the Council to review. In the meantime, Rhett Bullard became very agitated and his face was a bright crimson. Not only did Bullard tell Mayor Lofty to not accept the paperwork, but Lofty himself called for an officer to maniacal and remove both Griffins from the Meeting. The problem was that the Officer grabbed Joe by the Elbow to remove him which is “assault.” by a White Spring Police Officer with full tactical armor.  And then to add insult to injury, as the officer followed us to the back door, he said “Don’t you people know that you should shut the door behind you?”.  Well, no, not when an officer is there to assure we left the premises.


But the Story did not end there.  The Rhett Bullard has been a loyal supporter of Senator Montford, as have his”Cousins”.  Because of the financial support given to Senator Montford and the party, by the Bullards, the Senator’s Aide sent Joe an e-mail which stated basically thatthe Town and Staff are handling LOFT funds LEGALLY.   Since it was likewise stated by the Aide that this was the decision of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, of which Senator Montford is the Chair, the matter was definitely suspicious.  It seemed obvious that Senator Monford placed a financial contributor before his constituents and obviously had been in contact with Rhett Bullard..  In other words, Senator Montford stated the Town’s actions relative to LOFT funds was “Legal”, in spite of Senator Montford advising the all concerned that he would look into it, it shows one cannot trust a Politician who needs support from the Bullards.


Well as you may have guessed, Joe and I did not wished to stand for such an excuse from Senator Montford, and accordingly we were ready to send our story to not only the media in Jacksonville, but in Tallahassee as well, showing our politicians at work.  Since I was the one who initially posed the problem to Senator Bill Montford and Representative Chuck Brannan of the misuse of LOFT funds, I wrote another letter to Senator Montford in care of his aide that I was unacceptable of Joint Legislative Audit Committee and advised that we would be going to the media with the full story, which we had also provided the FBI under “Public Corruption”.  And it was a lady at the Department of Revenue who apprised us in the first place that if we could not secure an appropriate answer from the State Agencies, that we should go to the FBI and the Media which apparently was the case in Hampton.  The correspondence sent to Montford’s office was one of an equipotent knockout e-mail which was not only sent to the Senator’s aide but to the Attorney General as well, using the “Attorney General Opinion” email address.


Since it is obvious White Springs has broken more than one law but the obvious one was that of the Misuse of Loft Funds, I believed Senator Montford would have difficulty explaining his decision to consider what the Town has done as being “Legal” since he is the Chair of the Joint Legislative Committee as well as a fiduciary interest as an elected officials to his constituents.  But the next morning, Joe received an early morning phone call from the Senator’s aide.   Joe was told that Senator Montford was going to take our letter directly to the Attorney General’s office , himself.
Lie to me once, I will not have someone lie to me again.  A phone call did not satisfy neither Joe or I that it would be done so after a short discussion, we decided to send the detailed Complaint we had sent to the FBI and Senator Montford, to the Attorney General ourselves.  This complaint of course, had all of the CPA’s e-mails plus details on the recent purchases of a Pickup Truck as well as the Excavator and Trailer, each which do not fall within the definition of “Transportation”.  In fact it had Ray Vaughn’s statements how he would use the excavator possibly 50 hours a month and Karen Hatton’s statement that we should follow the “Auditor’s ” advice.


To go back to what you may have seen in White Springs last week, it was an older model FDOT pickup which was roaming the streets of White Springs apparently checking on the disposition of our streets and roads.  They would have noticed the potholes, the unpaved streets and the drainage ditches to which nothing has been accomplished in the years Rhett Bullard has taken power except for possibly $10,000 in ramshackled patch work and the fixing of the street in front of Mayor Lofty’s residence.
Not only that, but the local office of FDOT knows that when the Mill Street Project commences, it will not be the Town’s money which will be used for the Town’s portion of the GRANT  but rather LOFT funds, which the official at FDOT was not happy about.


So Rhett Bullard can be happy about bribing and paying officials to ignore what he is doing but the situation may be falling apart soon.   FDOT has been unhappy about the situation from the beginning and now Representative Chuck Brennan is also involved.
Apparently not only we the Griffins are complaining about the Misuse and Theft of LOFT funds by Rhett Bullard and his Gang, the Lapdog and  Pam  but other citizens have written to Representative Brannan.  Last Friday, Joe received a call from one of Chuck Brannan’s aides who advised Brannan was going to Tallahassee to find out why nothing has done in the Joint Legislative Audit Committee about the misspent $750,000 in LOFT funds.


You will note also that a concerned citizen sent in something to the “Rant and Rave” of the Jasper News and we thank you for your fight against the corruption of our current administration.
We know Rhett Bullard is finally a bit upset about the situation because he and the staff did something nefarious to Joe…but no worries, it will end up on their backs, not ours and that will be Joe’s story to divulge on the blog.


Karin for the blog


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