As we all know Fire Marshal Greene has finally left his full time job at the city hall.  After almost 15 yrs this is the only fulltme job he has ever had. This is actually quite an accomplishment coinsdering he never went past the 4th grade at South Hamilton Elementary School and was then home schooled by his dumbass parents and only has a GED.
This brings up a lot of quetions. I will break them down in to different categories:
1. Leave Time and Attendance- How much leave was Lil Joe allowed to carry over the years. Most jobs have limits to this but White Springs probaby doesn’t . So this means Lil Joe stands to make a large chunck of change especially since he may have took time off and never had to use any of his leave.  So the question is how much leave how many hours and what types vaction,annual sick, comp, holiday etc.. This is Lil Joe’s Golden Parchute.  Kinda like web a CEO leaves or gets fired.
2. Did when he resigned did he put in for retirement or just resign? this might help identify where he’s working at now. Because if he got a job at another city for example Jasper, Live Oak, or Lake City and they have same retirement then he would just pick up his retirement there and continue it.  FYI it would have to be a Florida Leage of Cities not any other goverment type jobs I.E. county,state etc.. if Marshal Greene took a different retirement system job this means he has the option of either leaving his money in a retirement account or taking a lump sum payout. Thus another golden parchute for Lil Joe.
3. Now as I have said before lil Joe is unhirable outside the city limits of White Springs. So this leaves a very short list of places and occuptions he could possibly be hired for or at. He probaly can’t work any furhter then Hamilton, Suwanne, Columbia counties and or Jasper, Lake City, Or Live Oak. and he would have to know somebody on the inside in the first place to even be considered for a job.  The last time I checke White Springs 4th grade drops out aren’t in high demand everywhere besides White Springs. So where ever he got hired at that means maybe somebody didn’t I smell a discrimination lawsuit for whoever Lil Joe beat out for any job.  because there’s now way Lil Joe is more qualifed than anyone anywhere no way no how.  he got the hook-up from a family member or friend.
4.  Also why would Lil Joe leave in the 1st place was it really because of harrassment or perhaps Rhet and him are playing the long game and they know Tebo’s going get fired or quit sooner or later and or possibly go to jail for something.  So if that was to happen and Lil Joe was still working for the city he might get arrested/indicted too and we can’t have that.  So maybe the real reason he suddenly quit is because he’s going come back and be the savior when Tebo is gone.
5.  has anybody seen Lil Joe’s job listed for a replacement? no i havent have you?  so this seems odd the town needs a water guy so perhaps maybe Lil Joe isn’t really leaving and this is why he gets to keep the red car. maybe Lil Joe and Rhet have schemed up a plan where Lil Joe quits and gets all his golden parchute money since he is no longer a City of White Springs employee and then they rehire him as a contractor to do the same job at the water plant he was doing before.  and then I mention maybe double or triple his pay since he’s a contactor now?
6.  so this now brings me to the 1st ever Where’s Lil Joe working at contest.  I will list the all the possible choices and all you have to is pick one by posting it in the comments.  also bonus points for anyone that gets a picture of the redcard at his new job.
A. City of Jasper
B. Hamilton County
C. State of Florida
D. Columbia County
E. Lake City
F Suwannee County
G. Live Oak
H. Lake City Medical Center (his wife does work here)
I. Century (Stith said he’s not but who knows for sure right?)
J, Rhett’s Law Office
K. PCS or one of it’s contractors
L. comes back to work as a contactor doing the same job for White Springs
M. S&S stores – no scratch that he’s not qualified to work for them…
N. FBI Witness Protection because he’s giving up the Rhet,Stacy, Townsend and everybody to save his own ass.
and who ever the winner is gets a free BBQ chicken dinner from Big Joe’s BBQ.
Also don’t forget a special secret bonus prize for whoever gets a picture of the red car at the  new job.

Good Luck and let the games begin.


  1. Thank you for the well written and amazing deductions. Personally, he’s not qualified to work at any of those jobs and is lazy as heck…so he has to be coming back as an independent contractor. I’m not in the running but look forward to all other comments and photos.. Karin Griffin

  2. Yet again where is Steve or Andrew there was a small fire on Mill street at 630pm Friday night. No Steve or Andrew neither one showed up yet Andrew gets to Keep the Fire SUV what the F. A non certified member of the department took the brush truck after it took 5 minutes to figure out how to start it. A non certified person should not be taking a truck to a fire unless they are accompanied by a certified firefighter which was not the case. When you allow this to happen you are opening the town up for a major lawsuit. The only reason this person was able to answer the call was this person just happened to be working for Hamilton EMS at the white springs fire station. The real question is that if this person was not working for EMS in white springs would anyone have responded to this call the answer would have been ONE BIG FAT NO!!!!!. This just goes to show you Steve Andrew are liars an fakes they truly dont care about this town or its people. STAND UP CITIZENS OF WHITE SPRINGS end the corruption end the Fake fire chief and his boy toy Andrew Step down Now or be forced out the door. Take A Stand White Springs Take back your town your life may depend on it.

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