It’s not only Steve and Andrew who are Liars about the WSFD but Rhett Bullard as well

Yet again where is Steve or Andrew there was a small fire on Mill street at 630pm Friday night. No Steve or Andrew neither one showed up yet Andrew gets to Keep the Fire SUV what the F. A non certified member of the department took the brush truck after it took 5 minutes to figure out how to start it. A non certified person should not be taking a truck to a fire unless they are accompanied by a certified firefighter which was not the case. When you allow this to happen you are opening the town up for a major lawsuit. The only reason this person was able to answer the call was this person just happened to be working for Hamilton EMS at the white springs fire station. The real question is that if this person was not working for EMS in white springs would anyone have responded to this call the answer would have been ONE BIG FAT NO!!!!!. This just goes to show you Steve Andrew are liars an fakes they truly don’t care about this town or its people. STAND UP CITIZENS OF WHITE SPRINGS end the corruption end the Fake fire chief and his boy toy Andrew Step down Now or be forced out the door. Take A Stand White Springs Take back your town your life may depend on it.

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